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Have you heard of the most gambling game of all times? Yes, you are correct – this is her majesty Roulette, any kind of it. In the Australian online casinos real money, it has got its place – straight on the top – for those who appreciate this sacred feeling of winning. If you still think that playing online demands knowledge how to play or a special strategy to win real money then you know nothing about this game. If you are new in the world of the online casino in Australia learn every word here and we assure you will get your win.

Roulette has its eternal image as a Wheel of Fortune and it’s a perfect description of this game. Only playing for real money you realize if Fortune smiles to you or distinct you among many others. There are many kinds of Roulette game which you can try, any of them or one by one. Try the game you can in Joe Fortune Casino in one of the best Australian casinos with attractive welcome bonuses! But we recommend starting with European roulette as it’s classic that will never lack its popularity and will never fade in time. It has an ultimate set of rules you will meet in any other type in the Australian casino.

Multi Wheel Roulette
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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
Multiplayer Roulette
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Multiplayer Roulette Diamond Edition
French Roulette
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French Roulette
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European Roulette Gold
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European Roulette
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How to play roulette online

Before any other step in the online roulette real money make the bet. This is a huge section of rules which you must learn by heart to get a chance to win in the online game. All the bets in classic roulette online are divided into inside and outside bets. Each bet has its own payout.

Inside bets are the following:

  • Straight up with payout 35:1
  • Split bet is paid 17;1
  • Street bet – 11:1
  • Corner or Square bet – 8:1
  • Five number bet – 6:1
  • Line bet with payout 5:1

Outside bets place on a big series of numbers:

  • Column bet is paid 2:1
  • Dozen bet – 2:1
  • Even money – 1:1
  • Even/Odds – 1:1
  • High and Low bets – 1:1
  • Color bets – 1:1

To make a bet in the online roulette means to choose a certain group of numbers which, in your opinion, will win in the game. That is all about “technique” questions you need to do and be familiar with before the game starts.

Roulette strategy

Nobody will tell you how to make a bet and which numbers to choose exactly because there is no rule for that.  There is no secret available only for experts or a narrow circle of the chosen ones. But the experienced players can tell a lot about the roulette strategy. This is a recommendation of how to play roulette to enhance your chances to win real money.

You are already aware of the fact that this game has different types. It’s evident that only one strategy will never help you if you decide to use it in European, French or Australian roulette because each type has its distinction to pay attention to.

To be more specific about roulette rules and strategies we will give you several names. The most famous are the Martingale/Anti-Martingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere, Red and Black and other strategies. They all stand on the bet principle. It means that you should make a ‘right” parlay or several at once. For example, Martingale strategy tells you to double your bet each time when you lose. On the contrary, when you win you make the same bet as the initial was. It’s simple and it works but it fails like all others do. To win you should practice, as much as possible. Or count on your luck like many players do and…win!

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 Australian roulette – basics

Roulette casino in Australia brought up this game in the top list of the online games ever. Here you will find European type in its classic form, European roulette Gold, French, Multi Wheel, Gold, and others. To try any of this game online, just click the button “Play for free” and practice as long as you want.

Here are the most frequent questions we get from the gamers who make their first steps in the world of online roulette Australia.

  1. How to start playing online roulette wheel for real money – Start with the registration form. Fill it in, choose the payment method you prefer and make a deposit.
  2. What is the size of the deposit I should make – It depends only on your bankroll. There is a golden rule: before launching any game define an amount of money you are ready to lose if you are not lucky, so then you do not regret. Since casino roulette is pure gambling you can’t have any certainty in the victory. This step will help you not to borrow money and feel safe.
  3. Is it safe to make a deposit via credit card – Our online casino protects clients and guarantees security while using credit cards. All private information is guarded by special codes.
  4. Can I play for real money and for free – Every guest and every registered client has a chance to play roulette for fun and not make bets for real money. We do not prevent them from such step. You can switch from one mode to another one as you wish.
  5. Why choose roulette in the casino online – We do not deny that since the moment of appearance, it was a game with special spirit, gambling soul, and the players wanted to enjoy the game in real life, in the offline casino. But modern technology gives us a vast range of opportunities to make the game even more appealing and interesting. The main is playing comfortably in the place you want without wasting time to cover miles and even more miles to get to the closest casino. Besides, in the casino you can play roulette online for free or choose “live dealer” mode and enjoy the communication like in the ordinary land casino. By the way, playing, you get access to it on the computer or mobile phone, literary stay switched on anytime.
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