Play blackjack online for real money

Blackjack is a fairly old game; it survived a lot of changes, and it remains superbly popular in the era of the Internet, creating competition to other popular card games: poker and baccarat. It’s one of the few live games in the casino which depends largely on the skillset of the player and the ability to calculate odds more than luck.

The presence of such contributor as chance is inevitable, nonetheless. You have no influence over the cards you get dealt. With a great blackjack strategy however you can decide when increasing your bet is a necessary smart move, and when deciding to surrender might dramatically increase your odds of winning when big money is at stake.

Are you eager to learn the ropes of a successful game of blackjack? Are you thrilled to find out about the winning strategies? Keep reading and we’ll show you how to play and how to tilt the odds in your favour and walk away with fat bundles of cash in your pockets every time.

How to Play Blackjack

To play blackjack you need to have complete awareness, and good knowledge of the rules. Let’s start with that. Once the basics are covered, and you are more than familiar with some terminology, existing game strategies and tips are going to be showcased.

One of the most appealing things about this game is how simple it is to play and how easy blackjack rules are to comprehend. The game itself is not complicated or confusing, but it is challenging to master.

Basic Blackjack Rules

You’ll always play against the house. Two cards are dealt to both players. This is always how a game of blackjack starts and this is how it should always be.

The objective is to get 21 when you tally cards. If you exceed 21 you’ll be bust and eliminated. If no players get a total of 21 then the person whose sum total is closest to 21 will win the game.

Face cards have a value of ten. An ace can be 1 or 11 which you decide. All other cards retain their numerical value as on the face of the card for example a 7 of spades has a total of 7.

You can request a hit after seeing your two cards. This means you request another card. You need to be careful because if the third card you request brings your total to over 21 then you’ll automatically go bust and be eliminated from game play.

You can request as many hits as you like. With every hit you run the risk of going bust. If the combination of cards in your hand sums up to over 18 in total it is generally considered unwise to request a hit but we’ll cover more on strategy later.

If you beat the dealer with blackjack payouts are going to increase. This means your cards total is 21. If you beat the dealer with this combination then the payout will be 3:2

Getting a winning blackjack combo of cards is not crucial to beat the dealer, and you’ll still win. Basically, if your total score is higher than dealer’s, you win. In this case your payout ratio will be 2:1 or double your money.

Blackjack Terms and Phrases

To play blackjack successfully, certain keywords are to be understood. These are game vocabulary. Whether you have fun and enjoy blackjack online at a casino site or at a real world casino venue at the table you’ll likely encounter these terms and need to understand them to follow game play.

Hit means to request another card. Do this when your total is too low. Always be careful when you request a hit as you increase your chances of going bust.

Stand means you’ll bet with the cards you have. You feel you have a good chance of winning. Thus, no more cards will be dealt and you’ll play against the dealer with the total score of what you got in your hand.

Double down implies doubling the original bet. If you have a great hand, you may double down. This can greatly increase your winnings if your hand proves to be as cool as you predicted. Double down is the only way to go, when you have 21.

Surrender means to forfeit the round. You may forfeit the turn only in some cases. For a surrender to be allowed the dealers ‘up card’ should be either an ace or a ten. Note that exercising forfeiture of the round results in losing half of your bet.

Push means the house and you draw. Your sum totals are the same. Nobody wins in this case and no money exchanges hands but instead another round of betting will commence.

Blackjack Strategies

We’d like to cover only a few basic blackjack strategies, since there’s an abundance of them. Mastering, and utilizing one of these are going to increases your probability of scoring at blackjack. 21 is a game of odds, and taking your time to get these odds shift in your favour by using every possible advantage available time, and time again will bring victory.

Using charts is a favourite strategy. Some physical casinos will not allow this. You can always use these online however since nobody can see you and they can’t stop you.

  • Charts are designed to allow you to calculate odds quickly. Awareness of the dealers “up card” shouldn’t be underestimated. It’ll be visible at the start of the first round after the initial cards have been dealt and you can then refer to the free chart and estimate your probability of winning based on your dealt hand.
  • Bots are another favourite blackjack strategy. You can’t use these in real casinos. Even online casinos will sometimes ban you if you try to use these and they detect them so be careful if you decide to about this, using a bot.

A bot is a computer program which quickly calculates odds. It is a math wizard and considers all variables. It does calculate much faster than a human and tells your chances of winning in a similar way the chart is going to except much faster.

  • Counting cards is another blackjack basic strategy. This involves being very good at math. You must keep track of all the cards that have already been dealt and ground your calculations on how to play based on what is likely to come out of the deck next or still be in the deck which could come out.

Counting cards is not easy. It can take a long time to learn. Mildly put, Casinos don’t tolerate players who count, as that tilts the odds very severely in favour of the players so if you’re planning on trying this method make sure you keep it a secret and don’t get caught.