Best baccarat at the online casino in Australia

Baccarat is one of the best loved games in Australia. It’s simple, fun and has great odds. People enjoy playing baccarat online because it’s the game with the best odds in the casino for the player, meaning you have a better chance of winning this game than any other.

The rules of baccarat are easy to understand. We’ll study them in this article. Each round of the game lasts a very short period of time and there are only two options for the person wishing to play a bet meaning your odds of winning are superb.

The key to winning is not giving into pressure when you’re on a roll. Some people record the game play as it happens. They think with this you can discover patterns.

Are you ready to win big pots of money by playing and sip cristal champagne from a crystal glass in the VIP room at the crown? Let’s learn how the game is played and some strategies. Well also review some top sites.

How to Play Baccarat

The aim of the baccarat game is simple. The house plays against a nominated player. The player is decided by whoever makes the biggest bet and the gamblers decide who is going to win between the banker or house and the player.

If your choice is correct you double your money. If your choice is wrong you lose. Baccarat really is as simple as that and in order to bet successfully you don’t even need to know how the cards side of things works as the winner will be announced at the end of each round and the pot distributed.

It’s still good to understand how the winner is decided. Learning baccarat rules can only benefit you. Understanding what cards are worth, how the game is supposed to be played and the basic game play can help you develop winning strategies and win pots.

Baccarat Rules

The game is played with one banker and multiple players. The real or live dealer distributes the cards. There can be many people at the table placing bets but the one who is nominated to play against the banker is the one who places the largest bet.

All bets should be placed before any cards are dealt. The dealer will then deal two cards each. Face cards and tens have no value and only cards with a single digit numerical value count in this game.

If a total comes out in double digits the left digit will be dropped and the total will be that amount. For example 25 will be be. 16 will be 6.

The winner will be the one who has the highest total value after his cards are added up using this system. Again, double digits become singular by dropping the left. A total of 18 would actually be 8.

At no point should anyone touch the chips or cards. The dealer collects losses first. He then distributes winnings and a new round starts.

Baccarat Strategy

The game is largely down to chance since you have to place your bets before any cards are dealt. There’s no way to know in advance who will win. Still, there are some strategies for playing.

Double Down is one strategy. If you lose $10, you simply bet $20 on the next round. If you win $20 you have won back your lost $10 plus another $10 on top.

This strategy can fail because of table limits. Most casinos have a maximum bet. If you encounter a table limit you can’t go above this amount and so doubling down on a losing bet streak won’t work after this point.

Some casinos have no table limits. These usually require bigger bets. Where there are no table limits in place you can really use this strategy and as long as you have the cash to keep doubling down you basically can’t lose as the game will turn and go in your favour at some point.

Counting Odds is another strategy. Some players record every win and loss. They then use this information to calculate the odds and probability of, for example, the banker winning a fourth time in a row.

There are limits to these kind of tips and strategy. The banker could win a million times in a row. Some players feel that there is a system hidden behind the seeming chance and that by figuring it out they can get an intuitive feeling for what is going to happen next or for when a streak is over.

Baccarat Websites Review

Go on any casino forum in Australia and you’ll see great sites mentioned again and again. We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve reviewed and found the best sites.

Royal Vegas

A great site offering live baccarat. They also have a mini casino for download. You just fund your account using a card or POLi and you can start playing right away while taking advantage of a huge $1200 deposit bonus.

Royal Vegas also offer live dealer baccarat. Many prefer this style of game. You’ll need a reasonable internet connection to be able to stream real-time video to take advantage of this.

Casino Mate

This is another popular Australian casino site. They offer baccarat and much more. Casino mate is trusted by Australians and you can play live on the site.

They also offer a welcome bonus. You need to sign up and make a deposit. After this free money will be put into your account which you can use to play baccarat or any other live game you want.


It’s easy to see why baccarat is popular. It’s easy to understand and fun. Since you have such a good chance of winning you can play with a great success rate and take home cash prizes.

What will you do with your winnings? Perhaps you’ll buy a brand new Ford Capri? Maybe a crystal chandelier for the house or an exotic holiday somewhere you’ve always wanted to go?

This is your ticket to big pots. You could double your money several times in a row. With great odds and easy to understand game rules and play why wouldn’t you jump on the bandwagon and play online?