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Here you can check keno results depending on the region.

Keno is a hugely popular game in Australia. Aussies love to play all over the country. You can win life changing jackpots playing it and it’s sometimes called “the lotto” or “lottery” and what’s what keeps so many people playing time and time again.

Keno has been around since time began in various versions and can be found in almost every casino in the world. As the internet has grown it has come online. You can now play on the internet.

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The game likely began in China, despite its French name. As Chinese immigrants spread all over, so did it. It is now played worldwide and in nearly every country there is a version of it at the casino or national lotteries of some sort.

How to Play Keno

For newbies, this game is easy and the rules simple. You pick 20 numbers from 80 possibilities. 20 numbers are then picked from the collection and the more numbers you match the bigger the prize.

There are some variations on the game. Some casinos use a different number structure. This is the most common form and is generally followed as a standard around the world.

Nowadays you don’t have to go down to the casino and sit at a table with a card and pen record your results and numbers playing on an intralot system. You can do it all online. You just check off a digital sheet instead.

There are both digital and live games on the web now and you can decide which version best suits you. Some prefer to see the real balls drawn live. They feel they can trust it more.

Others prefer a digital number generator. It’s faster and still random. It really depends on how you want to play and there isn’t any rule which says you have to do it one way or the other.

Keno online is growing in popularity. Some people have a toolkit to help them win. They have a system of counting numbers or some type of system to improve their odds of winning.

Other people think you just have to be lucky. They believe there is no effective strategy. You just have to buy your ticket and hope for the best according to these skeptics and that’s what many people do without following any tips.

Keno Prizes

As the game has grown and become more popular the scale of the prizes has also increased. Payouts are often colossal. With a rolling jackpot they can be even bigger.

You can play for fun in free casino or for real money prizes which you’ll have to pay to play for. Some people play in a club. Today most people play for real money payout.

Keno Results

This game is played all over the country. The luckiest player ever won 4.36m in New Lambton. This is the biggest jackpot in the past but won’t necessarily be the biggest in the future and you’ll have to keep playing and checking the latest results to see if you could be the next in line for the best bonus in keno history with massive wins.

You can check the result of an Australian game you have played in or results in general at and this covers keno results qld, keno results nsw, keno qld, keno nsw, keno results sa, keno in Adelaide. These result cover Australia only.

How to Win at KENO Everytime

Some believe you can predict the numbers. They have developed winning strategies. While it’s up for debate whether or not these strategies really work it’s still good to learn them and try them out.

The Hot Spots Strategy

Some believe numbers become “hot” or favoured. If you’ve seen it in several draws running it’s hot. After a few draws if that number has been drawn repeatedly and you keep seeing it again and again then it may be on a streak and you should pick it in the next draw.


“Regulars” is dependent on data analysis. The key is to look at past draws. Many people believe there are numbers which come out more regularly than others which if you pick you will become a winner and that if you look into draw history the data supports this claim.

Draws happen many times per hour in Australia. So, there’s a lot of data available. Maybe if you look into it you’ll find that certain numbers do in fact appear more often than others and you’ll discover a pattern to increase your chances of winning.

Picking Sequential Numbers

Again this relies on looking at past data. It requires you to look at previous draws. Many people believe that two numbers come out in a row more often than can be explained by chance, for example 25 followed by 26 or 14 followed by 15.

Is there something to this? Lots of players believe so. The only way to find out is to look into it for yourself and then have a go and see if this can lead to you winning.

Due Numbers Strategy

This is the opposite to the above strategies. Instead of looking at hot numbers you see what’s due. Basically this involves looking for which numbers haven’t been drawn for a long time and picking those on your next card as many believe the law of averages dictates they will come out eventually.

Keno Online Summary

You can play at many casinos with the logo. Most are no download casinos. Many players who enjoy kenos also like to watch horse racing so a lot of the casinos which offer one offer the other.

Draws happen every 3-4 minutes in Australia. With so many online, you can find somewhere to play. If you missed the last draw don’t worry there is sure to be another one happening within minutes so grab your card and pick your numbers.

Are you ready to claim your spot at the top with massive winnings? From New South Wales to Queensland, it could be you! If you’re not in, you can’t win!