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Although thousands of people flock to casinos every year to play games like blackjack and roulette, one of the all-time favorite types of casino games are pokies. Thousands of people travel to casinos around the world. Many of them go specifically to play pokies real money games. And many of them win a significant amount of money. But going to a casino can be expensive. For many years, this meant that the average Joe simply did not even have the opportunity to try their luck at pokies. But times have changed and now anybody can visit a casino anytime they want simply by going online.

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On the internet you can play everything from classic to video slots. The experience is much different than visiting a physical casino. It is still a great experience if you love casino type games such as slot machines. And of course there is the added advantage of not having to take any expensive trips half way across the country.

Internet pokies are different than classic ones in appearance. But in their purpose they are essentially the same. Before you can see the differences between old and new, though, it is first important to look back in history at the classic slots that began it all.

Classic Slots – The Beginning of an Exciting History

The slot machine concept has a very long history. It began as far back as the 19th century. The first slot machine went by the name of Liberty Bell, and although slot machines usually do not look anything like Liberty Bell these days they are all based on this very first prototype. The original version is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After the slot machine was invented it didn’t take long for word to spread. And it didn’t take long to grow extremely popular. Around the same time a similar game was invented in NY. This one did not feature automatic payouts though. With similar concepts being spread from around the world it is easy to see why it did not take long for the slot machine concept to catch on, especially after they started paying out cash.

By the 1960’s the classics begin to take on a new look. This is when the first electrical slot machines began to make their appearance. The new machines looked and worked better. In addition, players did not have to pull the handles like they used to. The appearance continued to change. And popularity continued to grow.

Now today it is the video slot that is really drawing attention in casinos, both physical and internet. Video slots can feature anything from classic symbols to famous cartoon characters to your favorite game show hosts and more. And they feature cool video graphics. It used to be that you had to drive so far to get to a casino. Today you can play the same great machines from the comfort of your home. Because you can play at an internet casino.

Slots and the Internet – An Obvious Combination

Slots and the internet were an obvious combination. Video slots were already becoming extremely popular in physical casinos so it only made sense to develop a way to play them on a computer too. It wasn’t until the nineties that internet casinos became legal. This is when licenses could be obtained from certain countries. This was all it took for internet casinos, and particularly online slots, to begin to pop up everywhere.

There was much hesitation for internet casino goers for sure. But it didn’t take long for trust to build. Once potential players were assured of the security online slots quickly grew very popular indeed.

Online Slots Today

There are hundreds of casinos featuring real money online games. Many have the “classic slots” appearance. But there are thousands of video slot games. And the online pokies Australia real money games that you see featured at so many online casinos these days have many more options and bells and whistles compared to the original online pokies real money Australia games. There are four major differences in the slots of today.

  1. More Lines Can Be Played – One of the biggest differences in slots online is that you can play more lines than in classic slot games. Most classic game machines feature no more than nine lines. Some of the pokies online feature as many as fifty! Play free online pokies, win real money on up to 50 lines. The more lines you play the more you can win.
  2. Different Betting Options Are Allowed – Another major difference between Australian online pokies real money machines and classic slots is the amount players can bet. In classic games players could usually only deposit a nickel. And the winnings would be based on how many lines the player won on. These days, though, you can deposit in multiple denominations. This means you can win more money too.
  3. Some Games Award Free Spins – Classic pokies were very simple in nature compared to Australian online pokies real money games and did not involve anything more than pulling the handle and watching the reels to see if you won. These days you can win free spins. This gives players more opportunity to win with the money they spend.
  4. Many Slots Feature Bonus Rounds – Many of the newer internet pokies real money machines feature bonus rounds. These are side games that may award players additional money. Classic machines did not feature bonus rounds. Today they are many players’ favorite thing.

There are very few differences between classic slots and online pokies real money Australia based games. For one, slots today are way more fun to play. Real money games have awesome graphics. These games give out huge prizes and have exciting bonuses and there are so many different options. You can play ones based on your favorite movies or classic looking ones. More importantly, you don’t have to leave home to play. This makes internet the way to go for all of your casino fun, because you can play free online pokies, win real cash, and play some more. All you have to do is go to the internet and start picking your favorites. Play online pokies, free money will soon be yours.