Bitcoin Casino Australia

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Since the creation of the Internet, people have started to gain access to newer sources of fun and entertainment. The online world has a lot to offer, and people that love gambling understand what’s in store for them. The best websites are those that provide users with a glimpse of what the future looks like and that’s what a Bitcoin casino does. If you’ve never heard of one, it’s crucial that you understand that this is an online currency that gained popularity in 2018. There are many things worth learning about Australia bitcoin casino and the new casino sites that base their service on it.

Best Australian Bitcoin Casinos

Top Australian Bitcoin Casinos
# Review Bonus Min. Deposit Visit
1 GOLDEN REELS 100% up to 2000A$ + 200 FS A$20 Visit
2 Playamo 1500A$ + 150 FS A$10 Visit
3 TRUE BLUE 200% up to A$2000 A$20 Visit
4 RICH CASINO A$1000 + 150 FS A$10 Visit
5 CASINOCHAN 1500A$ + 120 FS A$10 Visit
6 WOOCASINO A$300 + 200 FS A$10 Visit
7 PLANET 7 OZ 14 FS A$30 Visit
8 KAHUNA A$4000 + 200 FS A$10 Visit
9 JOE FORTUNE A$1000 A$20 Visit
10 Ignition A$2000 A$20 Visit
11 RAGING BULL 350% + 50 FS A$30 Visit
12 UPTOWN POKIES A$8888 A$10 Visit
13 COOL CAT 50 FS A$30 Visit
14 CAPTAIN JACK A$11000 A$30 Visit
15 ROYAL PANDA A$100 A$10 Visit
16 BOVADA A$500 A$20 Visit
17 EMUCASINO A$300 A$10 Visit
18 BOVEGAS $5500 A$25 Visit

If you’d like to learn more about how bitcoin gambling Australia sites work and how their services differ from any other gambling option, you should keep on reading. After you fully comprehend how these platforms work, you will want to start playing immediately… and your free time could change enormously. Don’t hesitate!

An Introduction to the Bitcoin

When it comes to Bitcoin, a leading way of loading one’s casino game balance, it isn’t just a currency. As a matter of fact, it is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, which is a real revolution in terms of how people make transactions online. So, it would make sense to shed light on this eye-opening system, which is widely supported by the most reputable best online bitcoin casinos.

With regard to the primary benefit of this cryptocurrency, one might refer to the utter independence of the physical form. Basically, it is a real trend when it comes to cashless, especially among numerous Australia Bitcoin online casinos. Originally created in 2009, it wasn’t initially perceived as something noteworthy. Over the last years, the hype over the prices for this cryptocurrency has definitely fueled the attention of broader audiences. So, the cryptocurrency had nothing to do but to prove its efficiency in operating on the blockchain.

Since the most reputable and popular online casino bitcoin websites now accept it as a payment method, it isn’t surprising that this cryptocurrency is worthy for Australian punters. Keeping this in mind, it seems to be a genuine revolution in the digital domain of online transactions.

Even though the use of any cryptocurrency is still somewhat limited because of a lack of trust, this situation rapidly changes. Now, the fans of Australia Bitcoin online gambling are changing the way how digital transactions are handled thanks to this cryptocurrency. Read on to get acquainted with everything you might need to know about this cryptocurrency when it comes to gambling.

Understanding a Bitcoin

There’s a lot of information regarding this topic online. Basically, it is a currency… but, unlike any other, it isn’t available physically, meaning that it doesn’t come in a tangible form. After acknowledging this, it’s relevant to state that it is the Internet’s currency and therefore comes with many positive features. Its value keeps increasing with every passing day, and it has helped people carry out their transactions online without any single problem.

How Get Your Bitcoins?

Having reviewed the basics of what you should know about Bitcoin, we are now curious to shed light on how to get them to your balance. The most popular ways include but are not limited to:

  • Bitcoin Exchange. By using this method of getting Bitcoins to your game balance, you should create a wallet. By doing so, you would then be able to exchange your currency into cryptocurrency easily.
  • P2P Marketplace. A peer-to-peer marketplace is a decent option for those willing to exchange their money to cryptocurrencies or vice versa without any troubles. Basically, this method requires to visit a website like of a marketplace and handle a trade there.
  • Individual Seller. Another valid method is to contact an individual seller and ask to exchange Bitcoin into real money or vice versa. Although this method might be appealing for Bitcoin gambling Australia, don’t forget to check the commissions and exchange rates prior to handling one.
  • Bitcoin Mining. The so-called procedure of mining refers to adding transaction records, which basically add cryptocurrency to your account. With this method, you might boost your balance by investing time and the operational capacity of your PC to mining.

From what you see, the ways of getting Bitcoin are many, so feel free choosing any, depending on your personal preferences and tastes.

Features of Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Basically, the features of Australia casino with bitcoin platforms are many, ranging from almost 100% anonymity to the absence of official regulation. Because of that, it would make sense to review the most crucial features of using Bitcoin in online gambling, especially when it comes to deposits and withdrawals:

  • Anonymity. With the use of a cryptocurrency wallet, you are certain that your personal data is kept confidential. Obviously, this is among the most appealing reasons for Australian punters.
  • Speed. Unlike the competitors, the transactions are immediate, making it the fastest payment method on the market.
  • Security. With regard to the essence of this platform, the blockchain encryption technology is impossible to hack.
  • Independency from Banks. Most of the e-wallets as the payment methods still require some sort of connection to the bank account. It doesn’t need it in any way.
  • No Third-Party. The digital cryptocurrency transactions happen between two users, eventually making the presence of a third-party not required in bitcoin live casinos at all.
  • Absence of Regulation. It has an uncertain position in terms of regulation by the financial institutions or even governmental agencies. Because of that, Bitcoins are 100% independent.
  • Bitcoin, much like other cryptocurrencies, is continually developing, eventually bringing a genuine innovation in how people make digital transactions.
  • Blockchain technology is 100% safe to use and can be used even in bitcoin mobile casino websites – so you can easily play wherever you want!

If the aforementioned features haven’t convinced you yet, no other alternative could do it either since it is a superior decision when it comes to Australia Bitcoin casino gambling.

Top 5 Online Bitcoin Casinos in Australia

Playamo A$125 + 100 FS A$20
Rich Casino 25 Free Spins A$10
Joe Fortune A$1000 A$20
Planet 7 14 Free Spins A$30
Casinonic A$1200 A$20

Benefits of Bitcoin Gambling

You have access to endless benefits when you become a full member of an australian bitcoin online casino. Online bitcoin casino has a lot of positive attributes that, when put into a gambling platform, make it a unique experience. There are many things that you will be able to experience online, including the following:

  • There are no intermediaries or banks involved in the transactions made online: unlike other sites, a Bitcoin casino is a synonym to no third parties; this means that the currency is stored in different computers around the world, and no banks or other intermediaries will need to assist you in making your transactions. That also means no fees, etc. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Using this currency is safe: if there is one thing that you must always keep in mind is that using this currency is completely safe and secure. Your personal information, as in other websites of this sort, is kept protected at all costs.
  • 100% confidentiality: if you are a little skeptical about engaging with an online platform because of any fraudulent situations that you could be a part of, it’s crucial to help you change that perspective. These websites are completely reliable and technological, meaning you can play bitcoin casino 100% safely.
  • The same services found in other gambling sites will be available: it doesn’t matter if Bitcoins are the only payment method that’s accepted on this platform, you will still have access to the same things that other sites offer… like customer support, encryption software to protect your information, games, promotions, and many other features.

Setting Up a Bitcoin Casino Account

So, let’s imagine that you are already interested in cryptocurrency and its use in terms of online gambling. But how to set up it properly in order to enjoy barrierless gambling? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a brief guide on how to do it properly on bitcoin new casinos.

  1. First of all, you should have Bitcoins on your balance. To do so, you might return back to our brief guide on how to get this cryptocurrency and choose one of the enlisted methods.
  2. Once you obtained enough Bitcoins, you should create a unique wallet. There are various providers for this purpose, whereas the most prominent ones are Core, Knots, and Wallet. Be sure to get acquainted with terms and conditions prior to registering.
  3. Now, all Bitcoin casinos in Australia require to make a transaction from a specific wallet. That basically means that you should make a choice in terms of what wallet would store your cryptocurrency. The possible choices are online, hardware, and software types of wallets. Choose and register the bitcoin best online wallet you can find!
  4. Depending on what specific Bitcoin wallet have you chosen, you should comply with the instructions on how to top up its balance with the purchased cryptocurrency. Australian gamblers might do it by using the services offered by Bitstamp or CoinBase.
  5. The next step is to find the best Australian Bitcoin casino provider on the market and top up the game balance with some Bitcoins. Since almost all casinos now accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, this step wouldn’t take for long.
  6. Voila! You are all set to enjoy a remarkable gambling experience in your beloved online casinos.

Deposit & Cash Out at Bitcoin Casinos

With all that being said, it would make sense to review transactions in a bit more detail. Cryptocurrencies in terms of cashing in cashing out on any Australian Bitcoin new casino are exchanged from one wallet to another. Because of that, no third parties are involved in the process, making it absolutely safe.

Speaking of the deposit procedure, it credits immediately. Another obvious merit of using Bitcoin for depositing purposes is the absence of any fees and commissions, even from the side of online casinos. So, deposit payments are commission-free transactions, which are credited immediately regardless of the amount you’re cashing in.

The same rules apply to the withdrawal procedure since it is handled in the blink of an eye. Basically, you will only be asked to visit a Cashier section and comply with the instructions. So, the Bitcoin casino solution works just perfectly when it comes to withdrawing your winnings into your cryptocurrency wallet.

So, what else stops you from using it as your preferred payment method, which is perfectly suitable for both the deposits and withdrawals? In reality, all digital transactions are best handled by the cryptocurrency wallet, even in terms of online gambling in Australia. Speaking of which, cryptocurrencies are continually paving their way to the online casinos.

Bitcoin Casino Games

As to the games that you will find online, it’s important to mention that the best Bitcoin casino will provide you with an almost endless list of fun to pick from. The options you will find on these sorts of sites are the same found on conventional casino sites. Some of the bitcoin casino games that you will be able to find include:

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Keno, and many others

Pick the bitcoin casino game that best suits your needs, and start enjoying your online time a lot more. One way in which you could pick the best option is by reading reviews online and checking whether people have your same preferences or not. If, on the other side, you’re a regular player, then look for your favorite option and start to engage with it. You won’t regret it!

Bonuses Available

There are many bonuses, promotions, and deals that are limited time only and even constantly available on these platforms, and all you must do in order to have access to them is keep an eye on the website every time it is updated. Like in many other sites, you’ll be allowed several welcome bonuses to get you started. Don’t forget that these come with wagering requirements. Other bonuses and promotions any player can receive include free spins in several games, reload bonuses, and free entry to paid games. One last way in which you can experience games differently through prizes is via special features that allow you newer worlds and experiences in some games. Bonuses aren’t only game-related, as you can also win cash. What’s not to like about it?

Start Your Experience Today

If you’re one of those people that enjoy strategy and luck games for a change, you should consider giving any Bitcoin casino online a chance. There are many features that these platforms have that you won’t find anywhere else – It can be bitcoin live casino or any other type of gambling online. If you enjoy a unique service, you can start enjoying the unique attributes of a Bitcoin casino. Are you ready to start enjoying your free time differently? There would be many unique things in store for you if you were to begin engaging with such a platform!

What are you waiting for? You should consider giving these websites a chance. If on your free time you have no idea of what to do, you shouldn’t keep looking elsewhere and just give these ones a chance. You won’t regret making that decision… and that’s a fact!


Now, let us answer your most frequently asked questions regarding cryptocurrency in terms of Australian online gambling platforms.

🔴 Is it legal to use Bitcoin?

The best regulation is the absence of any regulations. Since it isn’t limited by governmental agencies, Bitcoin is 100% legal for use.

🔴 Can I trust Bitcoin?

Well, you might ask the same question to the customer service of any e-wallet. Bitcoin is the most secure payment method ever created.

🔴 Can I use Bitcoins as online casino deposits?

Obviously, you might use cryptocurrencies for topping up your game balance in any Australian online gambling platform that accepts it.

🔴 What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to the internet-medium that operates on cryptography in order to attain financial operations. And yes, it works just perfectly.

🔴 How safe are Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin wallets have various security guidelines, depending on the type of wallet you have chosen. Yet, be sure that Bitcoin wallets are among the safest wallets ever designed when it comes to digital transactions.

Last Update: 2021.12.10