POLi Online Casino Australia

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POLi online casinos that operate in Australia and New Zealand are fascinating services, which offer a unique approach to making digital payments. POLi was established in 2006 in Melbourne, eventually paving its way to the leadership in online payments in Australia. If you’ve ever wanted to get acquainted with this payment system a bit more, read on to review this payment method in a bit more detail.

Best POLi Online Casinos 2022

POLi Online Casinos
# Review Bonus Min. Deposit Visit
1 GOLDEN REELS 100% up to 2000A$ + 200 FS A$20 Visit
2 CASINOCHAN 1500A$ + 120 FS A$10 Visit
3 BONDIBET 25 FS A$10 Visit
4 RAGING BULL 350% + 50 FS A$30 Visit
5 PRIMESLOTS A$200 + 110 FS A$10 Visit
6 GOWILD A$333 A$20 Visit

You can use this popular method of payment to join a variety of major Australian online casinos where you can bet and win big. It was designed with security in mind. It puts a layer between you and the site.

What is POLi and How Does it Work?

The POLi payments were created to enable Australians to buy goods and services online with peace of mind and without worrying about their details going amiss. It was created by the Australian post. Millions of Aussies use it every day.

Many online real money casinos facilitate payment through this system so you can play and win without the site ever getting their hands on your personal details. This has several advantages like security and privacy. Both of those are important online.

To use the POLi casino payment system you do not need to have a credit or debit card. All you need is internet banking. You just login and do a transfer.

One of the biggest advantages and draws of this payment system for Australians is that you don’t need to provide any details. All you do is login to your internet bank account. From there you complete a money transfer to the POLi payments casino.

In this case all the casino will know about you is the login details you provide when you sign up. They will not have access to your personal credit cards. They’ll have minimal information about you.

Another advantage of the POLi deposit casinos is that when you login all the payment details are completed for you. All you need to do is complete the transfer. It’s simple, secure and free.

POLi Casinos: Ideal for Australians

In the domain of digital payments, only a few companies focus on narrow markets, which comprise two or even a single region. Yet, POLi stands out to be a leader in the industry of digital payments in Australia because of its intermediary role between the bank and online casinos. When it comes to POLi payment procedure, you should follow our step-by-step guide, as follows:

  • Choose it at the checkout page on the recipient’s website.
  • Once a pop-up window appears, you should select the demanded amount of money you’re willing to top up.
  • Then, you are to choose the appropriate bank, accompanied by the redirection to the banking website of your bank.
  • Once you log-in, all payment specifications would be already filled in.
  • If you’re cashing in into the casino Australia POLi, you’d be redirected to the website of the recipient after you check the transaction-related details.
  • POLi online casino will receive an email receipt, whereas you will receive your own confirmation of the transaction.

It might be convincingly said that POLi is a genuinely unique service, which offers comfort, usability, and innovative features to Australian gamblers. Keeping this in mind, you should definitely test this payment procedure, which takes only a few minutes of your time.

Is POLi Safe to Use for Casino Payments?

When it comes to safety, POLi might be perceived as a 100% safe model of making digital payments for Australian casinos using it. The main reason to think so is that this payment method operates as a proxy between the bank and the online casino.

One of the most obvious benefits of using this payment in POLi betting sites is the attention to your personal information. Basically, the transactions don’t enclose any of your personal information, neither the details of your bank account profile. Also, we should note that POLi stores the personal data on the cloud, meaning that it isn’t stored by the company either.

For that reason, casino with POLi might be an excellent decision for punters who value security, confidentiality, and safety. With regard to another part of the system’s security, which is a customer support department, they work 24/7 in various forms. You might contact them in the live chat, email, or even by receiving a call. For that reason, any hesitations and issues in terms of security might be easily handled by their support department.

Keeping that said in mind, we’re certain that Australian casinos with POLi offer the latest trends in security, accompanied by the innovation in how the system processes the digital transactions. So, you shouldn’t worry about your personal data even for a second while using POLi as your preferred payment method for Australian-based online gambling.

Top 5 Online POLi Casinos in Australia

Casinonic A$100 A$20
Raging Bull 350% + 50 FS A$30
Gaming Club A$350 A$10
Lucky Nugget A$1000 A$10
Prime Slots A$200 + 110 FS A$10

How to make a POLi deposit

Depositing has never been easier if you use POLi as a preferred payment method. Kindly comply with our brief guide, which might be eye-opening for novice users of this platform:

  1. Visit the Cashier section of your casino and select POLi from the list of deposit methods.
  2. Once a unique window pop-up, you should fill all the required details of your own POLi account there.
  3. Then, any Australian online gambling site will redirect you to the website of your banking account, where you would be expected to confirm your personal data.
  4. Immediately after that, POLi casino deposits would be handled immediately from the side of the gambling platform.
  5. You’re done! Just wait for some time for your POLi funds to appear on the game balance of your online gambling platform.

From what you may see, POLi pay casinos are easily handled since all you have to do is to confirm your personal details for a few consecutive windows. When it comes to depositing and withdrawing limits, you should remember that each particular casino provider has its own regulations and rules. The ease and usability of the withdrawal process make it absolutely perfect for all categories of punters, both advanced and beginner ones.

How to withdraw money from POLi casinos

Although the withdrawal procedure is similar to the deposit one, we still find it noteworthy to shed light on this specific process. When it comes to the situation where you want to cash out your overwhelming winnings, you have to proceed to the Cashier section of your casino once again.

There, you will need to find a specific withdrawal section, which allows transferring your real money to a preferred payment method. During this step, you have to choose POLi from all the withdrawal options. The next step is a log-in, which requires you to finalize your Australian online casino POLi withdrawal by providing all the required details of your personal account.

Don’t forget that the withdrawal procedure takes a bit longer to process from the side of the Australian online casinos with POLi. Also, a certain commission will be applied, which is a $0.30 coupled with 0.9% of the overall value of a transaction.

Benefits of betting at POLi Casinos

Although there are countless payment methods on the market, POLi seems to be a real leader in terms of the Australian market. From our perspective, we are certain that this domination is fully justified because of a couple of reasons. The most prominent ones are:

  • It provides full cross-platform compatibility with any device, including mobile platforms and Mac devices.
  • Outstanding customer service might solve all your issues and potential problems in the blink of an eye.
  • The confidentiality and security of transactions are flawless, making it one of the safest payment methods in the market.
  • Casinos using POLi are countless, so be sure that the most reputable Australian gambling platforms offer its depositing and withdrawing options.
  • Since this payment method is a proxy between your bank and the online casino, no boring registrations or the use of your personal credit cards are needed.
  • The installation procedure is easy for navigation and use, eventually making it a role-model for the gambler-centered approach.
  • The protection of banking account details is innovative, which is a decent sign of how the company treats the personal data of its users.

The aforementioned features of POLi should always be remembered while using this specific payment method.


It’s a great thing to have options and alternatives to using your credit and debit card online. Safety, security and privacy are paramount in the online world. You should take advantage of this new funding method.

Why pay transfer fees by funding with a traditional bank or risk exposing your card details when you can use a better, safer way and get the same result? Using this new, revolutionary, Aussie only system make sense. Most online Aussie players agree!

Enjoy using an all-Aussie method of payment to play all your favourite games at online casinos. Now you can play with peace of mind. Welcome to the future of online payments!


Although we’ve already reviewed everything you might need to know about POLi, let’s review the trendy and important FAQs together.

🔴 Is POLi a safe and secure payment method?

Absolutely yes! It couldn’t be safer. Nobody will ever see or have access to your credit or debit card details which makes it one of the safest payment systems in the world.

🔴 What are the fees for using the service?

POLi does not charge users any fees. It’s a free service for you. However, be careful that you read the casinos terms and conditions for on payment methods as they may charge a fee for using it.

🔴 Can I withdraw money through POLi?

This is perhaps the one weakness of the system. It allows you to easily and securely make deposits. However, at this time the system does not support or provide ways to make withdrawals in best online casino so you will have to do this in the traditional way if you win big.

🔴 How do I sign up for it?

There is no signup process. Your bank already probably supports it. Login to your internet banking and check to see if paying this way is an option.

🔴 Will there be charges from the casino?

Not every casino charges extra fees for this. Every casino is different and you need to check. You can read the casinos terms and conditions or you can talk to one of their customer service operators to find out more information.

🔴 Are there any limits for transactions with POLi to online casinos?

The high cap of a deposit is 10,000 Australian dollars, whereas the minimum cap is decided from the side of the online casino providers.

Last Update: 2021.12.10