UPayCard Casinos in Australia

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One of the most noticeable concerns for the Australian gamblers is the choice of a proper payment method. In such regard, UPayCard casino is something that caught much of the attention among Australian punters. What makes this payment method that popular is the proper attention to security, speed, and convenience. So, let’s review this company more profoundly to review this payment method in a bit more details.

Top UPayCard Online Casinos 2022

TOP UPayCard Casinos
# Review Bonus Min. Deposit Visit
1 Playamo 1500A$ + 150 FS A$10 Visit
2 CASINOCHAN 1500A$ + 120 FS A$10 Visit
3 BONDIBET 25 FS A$10 Visit
4 CASINO MATE A$1400 A$10 Visit
5 GOWILD A$333 A$20 Visit
6 EMUCASINO A$300 A$10 Visit

How Does UPayCard Work?

Basically, it is a fairly new service, which allows Australian gamblers to cash in real money to their favorite casino providers. Peculiarly, UPayCard online casino platforms now widely support it without any problems. But how does it work? Australian gamblers might choose from two distinct methods, such as UPayCard e-wallet or the variation of either plastic or virtual card.

The obligatory measure in either of types is the registration procedure, which requires a gambler to fill in certain personal information. Except for that, this method doesn’t charge any fees or commissions for using the service, which makes it so appealing to dozens of Australia-based punters. Speaking of differences in using various sub-types of UPayCard, let’s review them separately.

E-wallet version works somewhat straightforwardly. Specifically, you are asked to create an e-wallet and hence transfer the funds digitally. There, you might top up your account from a credit card or even other company that offers e-wallet services. With its use, digital transactions offered by UPayCard online casino are both fast and easily navigated.

With the use of either a virtual or physical card, UPayCard works a bit differently. In particular, these types work much like ordinary credit cards. After you use these cards, your transactions into online casino providers from Australia might become easy and barrierless.

Regardless of what type of UPayCard method you choose, the functionality of all mentioned methods is flawless. So, just rely upon your personal preferences while choosing UPayCard type and kindly proceed with the requirements of your casino to cash in some Australian dollars.

UPayCards: Options and Opportunities

It is a truly innovative payment method, which offers flexibility itself its operational use. Its use is respected and widely accepted by both Australian gamblers and online casino platforms.

Note: Be sure to check whether your favorite online gambling provider offers compatibility with this payment service. If the answer is positive, kindly proceed with your deposits.

By using this specific payment method, you will be provided with a chance to control your game balance without any problems from the side of the casino provider. In other words, it stands out as being a leading transaction system that efficiently operates on various jurisdictions, including the Australian one.

Speaking of various operational forms of UPayCard casinos Australia, such as e-wallet, physical card, and virtual card, one might choose something in accordance with their own tastes and preferences. By offering competitively-driven, extremely flexible, and easy services, it might even be called a real revolution in terms of digital payments. Casinos that accept UPayCard in Australian tend to support UPayCard transactions to appeal to its loyal punters.

So, the options and opportunities for topping up gambling-related game balances and bankrolls are countless while using this payment method. Just choose the preferred type of UPayCard account and go ahead in the direction of online gambling with easy and accessible payment methods. In case you’re hesitant on what subtype of this method to choose, you might even consult with the official customer service of this payment method. Or you might rather read on to get acquainted with our reviews of each specific subtype of UPayCard deposit options below.

Mobile Banking UPayCards

What makes it so innovative in terms of making digital payments is the attention to mobile banking. The website of this service might be accessed from any device, such as tablets and smartphones. Regardless of what operating system you have, just proceed with the official website of the platform and track all your transactions at ease.

Also, the clients might enable SMS-notification method that allows tracking all transactions, both the deposits and withdrawals. So, we might even call that UPayCard offers decent mobile compatibility, which is appealing to dozens of Australian gamblers. This is extremely applicable to those who’re willing to enjoy online gambling directly from a smartphone, even when it comes to topping up game balance.


Now, let’s review how UPayCard e-wallet version operates for Australian online casino gamblers. All you have to do is to cash in your digital wallet with real money and proceed with the requirements enlisted on the website of your UPayCard account. This UPayCard subtype is the most widely used one, which is justified because of its simplicity, usability, and overall superiority in comparison with other payment methods. The registration procedure is simple, whereas online transactions proceed without any delays, hidden steps, or any other problems. So, you might use UPayCard e-wallet and enjoy your online gambling slots by making an easy and secure transaction.

Virtual Card

The use of UPayCard’s virtual card is another possibility for Australian gamblers. Specifically, this virtual card allows using a digital card, which might be used for online purchases. A wide range of websites across the globe supports UPayCard virtual card, which is a decent sign for those willing to order a virtual card. And if to consider Australian online casino providers, the vast majority of them now support transactions made by this specific virtual card. Kindly pay attention that money that you load into an e-wallet is not transferred to a virtual card. Thus, be sure to double-check whether your deposit is made directly into your UPayCard virtual card.

Physical Card

Now, the last available type of cards is a physical one. You are asked to order it on the official website of the company. It is completely free so that you will be able to use it all across the globe, even in Australia. This method is convenient, easy, and widely accepted by both online casinos and other transactions. By the way, you are even provided with a chance to load funds from either a virtual card or an e-wallet to your physical card. While it’s completely free, dozens of Australian punters were amazed by the flexibility offered by UPayCard to its customers.

Top 5 Online UPayCard Casinos in Australia

Playamo A$125 + 100 FS A$20
Casinonic A$1200 A$20
Casino Mate A$1400 A$10
Go Wild A$333 A$20
EmuCasino A$300 A$10

Deposit Using UPayCard

When it comes to the process of making a deposit, UPayCard will most likely to amaze Australian punters with its simplicity. All the transactions are handled conveniently and easily with minimum requirements from the side of the customer. After you’ve already selected one of your favorite UPayCard deposits casino sites, be sure to find a Cashier section.

There, you’ll be provided with various choices of payment methods, so don’t get confused and look for UPayCard deposit options. Select it and define the amount of Australian dollars you are willing to deposit to your casino game balance. After that, you’ll be asked to enter the information of your UPayCard account. Although this step might seem a bit confusing, it’s required to verify your profile, so don’t be afraid of entering your username and password.

Once again, you should check whether your online casino provider is a credible one. Just choose a platform from our list and secure your deposits and withdrawals easily. The next time you’re struggling on how to make UPayCard deposits casino sites, just be sure to return to this section and check the requirements once again. The deposit is not only safe and easy but also incredibly secure, which appeals to punters who value their security and safety while making transactions online.

Withdraw Using UPayCard

If to consider the withdrawal procedures, they’re as easy and accessible as the deposit ones. You might transfer your winnings from your casino directly to the e-wallet version of your UPayCard profile. To do so, you should visit a Cashier page of your beloved online casino provider in Australia and ensure that it is fully compatible with UPayCard withdrawal. The next step is to choose UPayCard as a withdraw option in your UPayCard casino. After entering the amount you’re willing to cash out, you’re asked to verify your e-wallet by typing your username and password once again.

Generally, Australian online casinos confirm the withdrawals a bit longer than the deposits. You might simplify this process by using UPayCard as a preferred withdrawal method. The only rule that you should comply with is that casino should verify your UPayCard account at least once. That means that you should load at least one deposit prior to making a withdrawal. But since the deposit procedures are one of the most gambler-centered processes in the industry of gambling, you wouldn't have any troubles with that. When it comes to withdrawing your winnings, the procession of the procedure usually takes a couple of hours, making it a superb method for withdrawing funds at ease.

Advantages of UPayCard

Let’s recollect the most appealing factors that make UPayCard a top-notch payment method in the modern Australian online gambling market. The most obvious reasons include:

  1. Actually, any digital transaction that works on a UPayCard system is almost instant. This is among the reasons why this payment method is valued by both Australian gamblers and online casino providers.
  2. Affordability. UPayCard online casino platforms widely accept the support of this payment method. It is not only assistive to customers but also incredibly useful for casino platforms themselves.
  3. Safety. This parameter is vital for many players. By comprising a wide range of operational, technical, and even preventional measures, the digital transactions are validly secured by the platform.
  4. Support for Multiple Currencies. Customers might use UPayCard from dozens of states all around the globe. This feature is also appealing to Australian gamblers since Australian dollars are supported by the payment method.
  5. Multiple Payments. With the use of UPayCard, you might make multiple payments since it operates either as an e-wallet or like a card. So, you wouldn’t be limited with a number of allowed transactions.

If those reasons for using this payment method over the alternatives haven’t convinced you enough, we’re not sure what else might be persuasive to you.

Fees and Limits

By reviewing the most innovative payment methods, all gamblers pay attention to the fees and limits. UPayCard casino platforms usually don’t charge any commissions or fees from the customers. Yet, the system itself has certain limitations in terms of loading your e-wallet with cash from other sources. So, in terms of depositing, you’ll be charged:

  1. Bank Wire/Transfer – Free of charge
  2. Visa – 1.2-2.9%
  3. MasterCard – 1.2-2.9%
  4. UnionPay – 1.2%

Speaking of withdrawing funds from your e-wallet, you might be charged for nearly 10-25 Australian dollars for bank wire payments. Or you might alternatively choose ATM withdrawals, which charge you with nearly 3.5 Australian dollars. Regardless of your choice, don’t forget that transactions that take place from your UPayCard account to the game balance of your casino are free of charge. So, you better think twice about fees and commissions while loading or cashing out your UPayCard e-wallet, especially when it comes to using Visa and MasterCard methods.


Security and safety are often believed as being the crucial determinant for the final choice of the payment method. The reason why UPayCard is considered a reliable service by Australian gamblers is proper attention to the safety of personal information. Although you are commonly asked to enter your personal data while making a deposit to online casino UPayCard, no data breaches are possible because of SSL encryption mechanisms. By offering full security to its users, the company is capable of becoming the most frequently used payment method when it comes to topping up the game balance in one of the Australian online casino platforms.


In case you’re uncertain regarding the most important things you might need to know about UPayCard, kindly review the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

🔴 Are UPayCard Casinos Safe to Play?

Obviously! With the support of the newest and most innovative security measures, the online platforms are 100% safe for play.

🔴 Do I need to Register?

Yes, you should comply with the rules of the registration page on the official website of UPayCard. Only after that, you might use your e-wallet or virtual card to make digital transactions.

🔴 Are UPayCard Deposits Instant?

The answer might surprise you. All online transactions made by UPayCard system are instant, even when it comes to gambling websites.

🔴 Can I use this banking method for my mobile casino?

Yes, you are free to use this payment system to load cash even if you’re playing on a mobile version. So, use it for a mobile casino without any hesitations.

🔴 Are There Any Fees?

The fees and commissions are absent when making a transaction from a UPayCard profile to an online casino platform. Yet, certain fees apply when you deposit or withdraw funds from your e-wallet.

Last Update: 2021.12.10