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In today’s casino world a good provider is weight in gold! And this is not just words. With a great variety of different online gaming sites and even bigger variety of developers whose products are offered out there it is important to find what suits you in particular! The list of requirements to a good product can be endless, and each player has his own criteria based on his likes, nevertheless, there are points on which all of them will reach an agreement. What do you expect from a good slot machine? The answer is simple: high-quality, interesting plot, fair play, and good graphics. These points are the main ones and no matter what a developer says about his own machine, not necessary it meets all of these requirements. So we offer you to dig deeper and do a small research before making your choice, these steps will save your time, nerves and money.


Igrosoft is a leading Russian online casino provider. Interestingly, the company became so famous that it is also popular in Australian casinos. It is not a new developer, as Igrosoft can be called one of the old-timers in the gambling industry because it has 17 years of experience in video slots development.

The company was created in 90’s and still stays an unrivaled example of the fact that the number of products will never replace the quality of software. All machines from this provider, without exception, have become bestsellers on the gaming market. Their slots are among the best and the most exciting ones. Over the entire history of its existence, the developer of the triumphant entertainment software released to the world market lots of high-quality and exciting slot machines. Their products gained the love of many experienced gamblers from different countries due to their qualitative games, intuitive interface, interesting plots and detailed graphics. The company is a great mix of Russian originality and modern technologies.


Igrosoft presents five reel slots that usually have nine paylines, but, there are several three-reel machines. To increase player’s chances of a win, the company included great risk games to every slot machine. The main feature of their products is the ease of use. The graphic is simple and intuitive. Even though such simplicity may seem somewhat primitive, don’t let this feeling trick you, you can be confident that their slots are going to capture your attention for a long time! Besides that, each machine gives a player an opportunity to try their luck in a bonus round, depending on what slot you choose, there can be one or several bonus games. It won’t leave indifferent any gambling lover!

Despite the small number of created products Igrosoft keeps growing. They are always working on improving their games, the graphics become more complicated, sound becomes better, and new features are always added to the gameplay. All of the features listed above make this company so popular among gamers.


The developer has a quite wide range of products, they create great video slots both 5 and 3 reel, also, they have series of entertaining and even kids games.

Slots created by casino provider Igrosoft are colorful and unique, the company does not pursue quantity, that’s why for such a long time in the industry they developed only around 20 machines. However, each of them became a hit. Many of their products became popular even over the seas. Their Fruit Cocktail, Crazy Monkey, Resident, and Keks simply captivated visitors of all gambling clubs all over the world.

The provider also offers a selection of entertaining games that doesn’t include gambling, there are two kinds of these games: browser ones where no download is required, and the ones for computers which require downloading.

Play for free

No download and registration, enjoy favorite slot for free! It is natural that every player wants to be confident that he has a chance to win, that he will like this game, wants to know what scoring system is presented in this machine before he starts to risk his money. Sometimes, a gambler just wants to enjoy a colorful and interesting game and spend his free time fun playing slots. But it’s probably, he just wants to check out what’s new is offered today in online machines. The Company Igrosoft provides a unique opportunity to test all of this in the free version.

With Igrosoft, you can feel the real ardor just like in a real gambling house, with absolutely no risk or give it a try and play with real money!

Their slots can be played in almost every Australian gambling site, so if you are attracted to checking it out there are lots of opportunities!