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The Fairy Land Online Slot Plot

Can the fairy-tale, which plot develops in some green and dirty bog possibly be colorful and positive? This free casino slot proves that it really can. This cute casino fun renders in details the known fairy stories connected with bogs. And all those bright pictograms and the deliberately chosen shades in the design give the refreshing feeling and joy, which will last throughout the whole gambling performance.

The Principal Part

As the procedure of settings is simple, the preliminaries never take long, so operating the buttons you see on the screen just settle the preferable values and play for your pleasure. The butterflies, the frogs, the snails, the inscriptions and some other main pictograms, together with the special ones (the bonus frog!) will gladly help you in the main mode to realize your great desire to get the incredible win due to the awarded sets.

The Supplementary Part

Guide your frog through the bog and increase the win in the bonus game, choosing the correct hillock (from 2 to 10 index of multiplication). You need to cope with 5 of them to enter the second level of this additional mode. Having failed once, you will watch your frog being eaten by the crocodile, but all your earnings will be transferred to the personal gaming account. Anyway, good deal!

On the second level, you’ll see some pond on the screen with the eyes rising above it. The task is to divine which are the eyes of a frog (it will make the bet 25 times as big), for having chosen the crocodile’s eyes, the gambler will receive the earned and stop the game.

As for the traditional risk game, it is also at your disposal in this free casino slot! The current win of any size grants you the access to the special activity, which is not included into the main part. Here you should cope with the card color guess. Your correct choice doubles the previously earned!