Crazy Monkey

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What makes Crazy Monkey special?

Monkeys are known as the cutest and cheerful animals, that is why it is that pleasant to spend time with them, you are sure to receive the most powerful positive energetic charge with them. Take this chance! Enrich you leisure with unforgettable journeys together with this reckless positive creatures. This online slot was designed to make you feel the real adventures of  the jungle, that is why during the game you can come across exotic flora and fauna.

How to succeed in this online free slot?

Each symbol has a specific meaning, sometimes even exclusive one for example, the brainpan. You may not expect that, but jungles are not that safe… You should not get scared for each symbol is just one more toy of the crazy monkey and having gathered five of them, you can make your win 2000 times more attractive.

Here you can also meet the lion. The meeting with a king of the jungle, who is the bosom friend of a crazy monkey, promises the gamer to multiply his win by 500.  The safest winning can be gained by the combination of five main heroes letting you earn 5000 more gain. The real game of chance, isn’t it?

The bonus round involves feeding the crazy monkeys when three of them are gathered in a line, the second screen appears and the gamer should choose among five ropes to pull. Don’t be in a hurry! Mind: if you make a mistake, the poor animal will get the stroke with heavy hardware in the head instead the delicious banana dish. Your correct choice will open the access to two boxes, one of which contains the prize. The maximum gain here makes up 168 750 coins.

Though in real life monkeys never play cards, this online free slot gives you the opportunity to experience this marvelous entertainment during a risky round. The rules are as follows: open one card, if it turns out to have the higher value than the previous – the prize is yours (your win is doubled). If not – well, sorry, it’s not your day.

Why should one be eager to play it?

Take advantage of this special offer and dive in this adventures world, letting you gain triumph and feel the unforgettable positive moments.