Why Australia loves Casino and gambling that use real money

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Australia loves real money online casino, and recent research shows that over 40 percent of its adult population regularly gambles. The amount of cash spent on slots and other gambling spots reaches around 900 Euro per individual, with a total of 18 billion Dollars being spent per year.  How did the numbers get so high?

Insane growth of online casinos

In order to satisfy the increasing number of gamblers, the gaming market grew considerably over the past decade. Along with that, the country also receives an overflowing number of tourists who are interested in spending their real money Australian online casino. Most of the visitors come from Asia, however American and European residents also seem to love Australia’s gambling market. More so, residents of Islamic countries where gambling is banned, regularly take trips to Australia to also enjoy their favorite hobby.

Although it might seem new, Aussies have always been interested in gambling. The country’s gambling history goes way back to 1901, when the government started encouraging residents to try their luck with card games and horse races. Of course the times have changed, nonetheless the residents’ passion for gambling not only stayed the same but even elevated.

Australia is leading in the industry

As a fact, 20% of the existing poker machines are located in Australia, as well as 200000 slot machines per individual. This makes Australia the world’s leading country when it comes to betting. Invested the citizens may be in their pokies, an increase has also been seen in other types of gaming. For example, sport betting became remarkably popular and makes a great number of the country’s betting events. If things follow the same course, soon the country will becomes as invested in sports as the US.

While offline casinos are still going strong, online casinos have grown in the recent years. This is partly due to people’s busy work schedules not allowing much time for casinos, but also convenience. Many Australians from smaller cities cannot commute to where the big name casinos are located, which makes real money Australian Playson online casinos a suitable alternative. In addition, the anonymity factor also plays a significant role in the demand of online casino sites.

Online stress therapy   

Gaming houses are easy to use and provide stress relief as well as entertainment, especially online. While playing at an offline betting house involves exchanging currency if you are a tourist, an online site allows you to start gambling right away. Using Australian dollars has its benefits, not wasting time and money on currency conversions is an advantage. Overall, an online experience simplifies the process and provides that instant reward. Indeed more gamblers are looking for a real money Australian online casino

Australians who like to gamble in their free time noted this activity allows them to forget about the daily stress and worries. Playing the slots or betting on their favorite team offers a quick fix for the ongoing anxiety in their life.

Not all that glitters is gold

Although popular it might be, online betting has its dark sides. Many people have acquired debts due to the overuse of house games, and there is always the danger of getting scammed. In order to avoid losing your hard earned cash on a scam, make sure that the house you choose is a reliable one. The best way to do this is search for the certified casinos, either online or offline. These places are in compliance to the state laws and thus the risk to be scammed is greatly reduced. Though, the majority of real money Australian online casinos are legit and have no trouble with the law.

These are only a few reasons why gambling remains a popular activity in Australia, and things don’t stop here. More and more betting establishments are opened and certified each year, which not only gives people a chance to play but also ensures their safety in the gambling world.

Last Update: 2019.12.08