Why Are Australian Pokies So Popular At Online Casino 61

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Gambling in Australia has remarked a spectacular rise post the turn of the millennium, and that can be solely attributed to the number of real money Australian online casinos that have cropped up since then. Before that, pokies were all the rage among regular gamblers in the country. Did you think that the advent of online gambling crushed the world of brick-and-mortar pokies beyond resurrection? We’re here to prove your thinking entirely and utterly wrong!

The Thrill

Let us first determine the flawed logic behind that thinking. The severe anticipation before pulling down the handle, the incredible thrill as you wait for the reels to fall into place, and the stupendous delight at the colourful roll-up as you win the jackpot – all that may be lost in real money Australian online casinos. Admittedly, these factors do count to a higher degree while playing pokies, but the other relevant aspects should be taken into consideration as well.

The Joy of Freedom to Play

Most of the Australian population comprises the working class. People are thoroughly exhausted after a hard day’s work, and unless the pokies dungeon is a short walk away from their house, you can’t expect them to trudge all the way beyond their regular route just to experience the real joy of playing the game. And we’re not talking about the addicts! People today look for a bit of relaxation after work, and the real money Australian Rival online casinos provide just that. Allow us to support our hypothesis with facts.

The Gambling Statistics

Did you know that pokies, online or land-based, comprise more than half of the gambling dollars spent by the masses in Australia? And that is saying something when the one betting platform that comes second is racing, then be it horse racing or greyhounds, at a meager 15.5%! Heck, even the most watched sporting leagues in Australia, like the AFL and NRL, don’t even come close to the number of bets placed in pokies. According to the Roy Morgan Gambling Currency Reports of 2017, pokies control a whopping 56.7% of the gambling revenue in the country.

The other statistics place lottery tickets at 14.2%, sports at 5.2%, casino table games at 5%, and the more recently established Keno at 3.4%. All this data includes the dollars amassed through the various Australian online platforms.

The Reasons

There are a few more reasons that we wish to add apart from the ones above. According to Michele Levine, the CEO of Roy Morgan, poker machines are an integral part of the nightlife of Australia. Almost every profitable pub and club in the country has an excellent good poky installed on their premises. And customers, regulars, and newbies alike, are prone to utilize the slots each time they visit.

Apart from that, there seems to be no gender disparity when it comes to pokies. Reportedly, almost a similar percentage of women tend to gamble in the slots as the men, as opposed to other betting platforms where the female number slides down to half! And that includes the stats for online pokies as well.


Thus, real money Australian online casinos have not only revolutionized the concept of gambling in the country but also brought about a significant rise in the use of pokies. Needless to say, you would be hard put find a gambler anywhere in Australia who doesn’t share a penchant for indulging in the slots.

Last Update: 2019.12.08