What Happened At The Melbourne Poker Championship?

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On the 13th of August, the Poker Championship in Melbourne culminated after 13 days of intense action at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. There are a lot of similar online casinos, like LightningBox online casinos Australia. All in all, the championship witnessed 15 tournaments which also included the high offerings and the main event. A total of 533 players took part in the event. The prize pool generated was AUS $784,500. Due to the huge prize pool, a total of 63 top players got rewarded with AUS $3,140. Below are the highlights about each of the events that took place in the championship.

The main event

Surely, this was one of the most anticipated events during the championship. It saw intense competition with 523 players viewing for the title and the prize money of close to AUS $784, 500. Gautam Dhingra an Indian, but native of Melbourne, emerged as the winner out-powering, Hyung of Hong Kong to claim his share of the prize money of AUS $156, 051. He is a regular at the poker circuit held in Australia. This is the second international title that Dhingra has earned. The win gave him the best career score till date. Dhingra was over the moon after recording his first ever big score and also was happy to have won the main event. Hyung Tai Kim came second and took home AUS $124,424 whereas Julius Colman came in the third place and took AUS $66,690 home.

The high roller

The No Limit High Roller contest was another scheduled event that was well anticipated and this was evident by the strong turnout of 61. The total prize packet as a result was AUS $289, 750. According to the rules of the tournament, only 7 players would win the money at the last so everyone was heated to end up in the final table. Ultimately, Tino Lechich emerged as the winner, beating up the runners up, Robert Spano to take home, AUS $95,620. Robert won AUS $60,850 and he was followed by Andrew Hinrichsen of Australia who took home $40,565.

Apart from these two events, there were another 14 events that happened on the sidelines which offered the players’ money, if they finished at the final table. Be it the Pot Limit or the Hyper Turbo, this championship had something for every player and every lover of Poker Australia.

The championship began with the first tournament which was the AUS $350 Opening Event. It saw the turnout of around 740 players who competed to get a share of the total AUS $185, 000. David Kelly, therefore, emerged as the first winner of the championship taking home a prize money of AUS $40, 240 for this work.

Another sub-event which saw a considerable turnout was the A$550 Deep Stack No Limit-Hold’em Tournament. This saw a whopping 392 players compete with each other, thus creating a prize packet of AUS $196,000. The top four players, who finished at the final table, earned the prize money in four digit figures with Idris Hassan is the winner amongst them and the majority shareholder of the prize money with AUS $45,030 to his name.


It was one of the only tournaments that saw a high turnaround and witnessed some great contests during the course of the event. This puts the Melbourne Championship to an even higher regard with respect to the other tournaments and the next edition will be highly anticipated for. All the players who take part in this Championship event were impressed by the way the events were conducted. They expect even better prize money and pool for the next year.

Last Update: 2019.12.08