What are pokies?

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Whether you know what are pokies? These are a kind of slots which are well-spread in Australia. Its law permits their existence on the state’s territory. Therefore, they can be played in any casino whether it is an online or land-based one.

What differentiates them from classic slots? There are several functions which allow calling pokies an improved fruit machine. By and large, the majority of people consider them to be synonymous words. Whether this is the best choice? Let’s figure it out.

What is the difference between pokies and ordinary slots

Whether they deserve the right to be named an improved version of slots? What makes them better than classic fruit machine?

  • You can play more lines. Their principal difference is in their number which can be tried. Any user can enjoy up to 50 ones. For instance, the majority of classic slots offer no more than 9 lines.
  • Innovative betting options. In this kind of games, you are able to win more money than in classic ones. Old machines allow betting only on a number of lines you have won. In the newest ones, different methods are permitted. Therefore, you are able to win more money.
  • Bonus rounds and free spins are included. When you play pokies, you are able to get different prizes. These are various bonuses and spins. With the free ones you can win more money than bring to the Australian RTG online casino as they give you an additional entrance.

These features differentiate slots from pokies. Therefore, they are not synonyms or games of different kinds. One of them is just an improved version of the classic fruit machine.

Why play pokies?

Why spend time on pokies if they don’t differ fundamentally from the classic game? This question puzzles the brains of any user. What makes them so special that he must devote own time to these ones?

Pokies online real money can be played in the majority of gaming establishments. All institutions try to replace classic slots by games of this kind. They give the user more room to maneuver and bring more money to the casino. Therefore, they are extremely profitable for both sides.
You have a broad assortment of games to choose from. There are lots of different pokies which can be played. For instance, there are themed ones which are closely related to the special event or movie. The majority of casinos also offer free spins to give you more chances to practice.

You get more money. As the number of lines is their principal advantage before the classic slots, we mustn’t underestimate this feature. Giving credits to this one you can win more than have expected. As the casino supplies you with free spins, this is even easier.

Where to try them?

As you have already understood, the majority of gambling establishments provide you with the opportunity to play these games. If you enter All Slots, Joe Fortune, LeoVegas or another well-known institution, you will get the chance to try your hand. All of these ones offer free spins and huge welcome bonuses which ensure pleasant time and entertaining game.

If you decide to play pokies, you will place the best bet in your life. They are better than classic slots and give you more room to maneuver. The newer verse has made the process more exciting. Therefore, you will get not only profit but spend the time with pleasure also.

Last Update: 2019.12.08