Video Poker: To win and just to win

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Gambling strategies leading to the successful outcome of video poker session are well described in the multiple manuals devoted to the poker realm. Some of them are proved to be effective, others attract a small circle of adherents. Some gamblers prefer to trust their intuition, others believe that there exist a technique capable of bringing the odds of the gaming provider down up to zero.

No one will say who is 100% right in this discussion, but the majority of gamblers playing video poker take into account the most simple and effective tricks. Here is the list of some of them which can make an important contribution to your win.

Waiting for your Flush Royal in Video Poker

Being one of the most desirable set, Flush Royal aspires for the win making many gamblers forget about the strategical moments. Having forgotten about the value of other cards they waste time, efforts, and money chasing it. Stop that! To make the process effective do not try to waste too many efforts on the attempts to gather this combination. Follow the rules offered below to make the process reasonable.

  • Parlay the largest possible amount of credits. The majority of the resources providing video poker fun on their sites offer incentives for Flush Royal at maximal stake which lowers automatically the odds of the Red Tiger Gaming online casino Australia for a win.
  • Having just started the gambling casino career do not put large sums on your gambling account: the experience of sophisticated user who is the connoisseur of all the gaming strategies and techniques will come a little later.
  • Never keep the kicker (like an Ace and a Pair). This step lowers the average payouts for 5% on the long distance.
  • Do not wait for the fourth card to appear having gathered three needed for the 5-card Flush Royal. Your odds to gather a strong hand in this case are not very impressive.
  • Never try to improve the situation having destroyed simple Flush or Straight in video poker trying to receive one card for Straight Flush if it is anything else but the Flush Royal. Take some other chance.
  • Act like described above to keep the ready set consisting of five cards till you receive one card to complete Flush Royal (this is not the only one winning combination capable of making an important contribution to your win!).
  • Never take five cards having Jack or the card of senior rank on hands. Don’t keep Ten if you are taking four more cards, get rid of them.
  • Do not ask for four more cards if there is a chance to get three for Flush Royal: instead preserve two cards of the same suit of the senior rank even if one of them is Ten.
  • Don’t try to make a fast game because quick game does not always leads to such win. You don’t want to get nearer to the quick failure, do you? This fun has nothing in common with racing: in video poker your lack of patience can result in a sad outcome. Devote enough time to study the hand and to take the reliable decision.

Here is the set of rules capable of nearing your big win in video poker despite fortune. In poker, you can rely on your strategies and wise steps to make a big game giving your fortune an opportunity to have a rest. Learn, practice, stay calm and reasonable playing this fun. Believe in yourself and attentive to take your chance!


Last Update: 2019.12.08