Video poker is an awesome choice!

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Video Poker is a game which is somewhat like a regular poker. You can play this game in real casino or from your house via Internet. The main idea of video poker is to come up with the right combination of cards. Since the player has no partners and rivals in the game, he does not have to compare his combination. Online video poker is an awesome way to spend your free time and have fun, while sitting on your comfy sofa. A lot of gambler love playing exactly this game, as it has a lot of advantages comparing toothers. Thus, its fan community keeps growing.

Almost all of the real and Play’n’Go online casinos Australia use this particular type of game as a means of entertainment for their visitors. The game is in demand, it is also entertaining, exciting and has easy rules. Versions of the video poker online do not differ from the analogs in the gaming halls.

What are the rules of video poker?

The rules of this game are very similar to the regular one. On the screen you can see a map with payouts and winning combinations.

In order to set the rate, you must press the button “Deal/rent”, afterwards the player gets 5 open cards from the card deck of 52. By clicking“ Hold” button or by pressing on the map, there appears a function to hold cards that will not be exchanged. Next, the person clicks the button “Deal“ and the other cards are being replaced. Each winning combination is identical to the real poker combination. Rare combinations bring bigger payouts.

If you happened to have a winning combination while playing, you will be glad to skate on thin and raise the amount you win. The gambler can either double the winnings by clicking “Double” or take the original prize by pressing on “Collect”. If a gamer decides to run the chance and presses “Double” then five cards show up on the screen, the card on the left will be open simultaneously. The gambler has to pick only one card among the other 4 cards. If the chosen by the player card is more than the open card, the win will double, if it is less, then the gambler loses the winnings, if the card is the same it is a dead heat. There is another way on how to double the winning in this game. You have to try to figure out the color of the closed card. The gambler can use the “double” function several times. In some gambling machines you can take a chance and risk not the whole winning amount, but only part of it. In other video poker games, it is achievable to raise your win in 4 times, for this the player has to presume the color of the closed card.

Variety of video poker games

As with any other game, there’s an abundance of miscellaneous kinds of video poker. All of them have a lot in, and yet there are some difference worth paying attention to. These differences are the categories one can use to distinguish one type from another.

    • According to the number of lines in the match

Typically, there are various types of lines. The five cards are dealt on the same line. Selected ones are recorded on all lines, cards that were not settled, any which way allocated on each of the lines.

    • According to the names (titles)

“Jacks or Better” dominates all other games, and it’s no amazement to true fans. The name certainly takes its origin from the combination of pair of jacks of higher that secures a win almost every time. Surely, there are numerous other versions, for example, “Deuces Wild”, “Joker Poker”; “Aces and Faces”, “Bonus Poker”.

    • Based on the jackpot formation

The bets are used to form a rather seductive jackpot. As a rule, the jackpot quantity is always specified, and usually, a winning combination is “Royal Flash”.

    • According to the pay table

To properly play video poker, you should know which combinations are paid. There are several of them, and they meet the standards of the game in normal poker: Full House, Street Straight, Straight Flush, flush Flush, Three of Kind, Two pairs, Royal Flush, Pair, Four of Kind. Before playing, please specify which of these are paid in your casino because some casinos do not account for some combinations, or do not pay.

Video poker is an awesome game and it is known to be on of the best and most beloved casino games in the world. The number of casinos in Australia which provide miscellaneous types of the game is huge. Like the online interpretation of the game, there are different strategies for success. With the right strategy, you can always be in profit.

There are some tips on how to play.

    1. You should know what type of game you got yourself into.

There is a huge diversity of video poker machines. Some machines simply show the cards, others offer special bonuses if you get certain combinations. Such machines tend to have a worse payment system, depending on the bonuses that they offer. You should be confident in what to expect before you throw a coin inside.

  1. Practice should not be underestimated. Playing on a regular basis will help you win.
  2. It is very difficult to get by only playing online video poker. Remember that all the slots
    and machines are against you. Your goal should be to relax and enjoy yourself. This is an achievable goal, which will not only make you happy, but also will maintain your enjoyment from playing it.
  3. Do not leave your jackpot. If you happen to catch the jackpot in a real casino on the video poker machine, do not leave the seat as long as anyone in person confirms your winnings. If you leave the machine, someone else can claim that it is their jackpot.

In order to play online video poker you need no download. You just have to visit an appropriate website, log in and you are good to go. Also, in some cases, under certain circumstances, you can play it even for free. Some casinos offer free games, where you can improve your skills and practice. However, it is much more fascinating to play poker for real money.

It is easy, and very interesting. A lot of people start their gambling life by first mastering this game specifically. Because, it is not that difficult to learn the rules and easy to access. Make it your goal to improve your skills in video poker regularly, this will help you to make better combinations!

Last Update: 2019.12.08