Ross Ferrer Out, Chris Muir On Field

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On 31st August, the Australia based Gaming Technologies Association officially announced the retirement for Ross Ferrar from the designation of the Chief executive after a service of 17 years. According to a press release Mr. Chris Muir, who had joined the company only three months ago has been appointed as GTA’s new CEO. This is indeed great news as the management is quite hopeful that Muir would do a brilliant job in his new company.

The chairman Adrian Halpenny remarked about the steady, prompt and keen outlook that Ross had been constantly providing during these 17 years with his distinguished career in this sector.

He could also be seen applauding Ross’s contributions and the capability of providing a sound environment and setup to the company and its members. He justified the decision taken as a result of the close work engagements over the past three months that Chris and Ross had in the regulatory department. He articulated about working with him as a representative for GTA members’ interest.

The chairman topped off the declaration with a promising note of providing a continued entertainment source in the poker industry that is currently enjoyed by millions of Australian people.

The new GTA CEO also did not step back In thanking and appreciating the predecessor to his post and expressed his excitement to continue with the company as a CEO and voice for issues concerning in technical and regulatory matters.

The GTA is a trade body that is a representative of the Australian gaming machine technology suppliers and also the organizers of the Australian Gaming Expo (AGE), which is a casino trade show that takes place at the very famous place Sydney on an annual basis. This year’s edition of the gaming expo was held in the month of August. AGE was opened for the enthusiasts at ICC Sydney with more than 10,000 participants. This is the 29th year of AGE and it is the cornerstone when it comes to buyers and suppliers who work within the gaming and hospitality industry.

Ross Ferrar gave a welcome address and also presented the seminar. He acknowledged the perennial challenges and concerns faced by the industry in the year 2018. In addition, some of the other members who spoke on the first day included Justin Baird, the R&D Managing Director, Neil Spencer, the Gaming Consultants International’s Managing Director and David Ford, the OLD Liquor & Gaming Commissioner. Ferrar has always been a great personality and would be remembered for his work in the past.

The new CEO, Chris Muir had joined the Gaming Technologies Association in June, around three months ago and had served in the company as a Chief of staff to senior ministers at South Wales and as a senior official at the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre aka AUSTRAC in federal governments. Muir is holding senior level roles and responsibilities in New South Wales as well as well as federal governments.

After being handed over the new responsibility, Muir said he was delighted to be a part of the GTA and the industry stakeholders would do their best to resolve issues related to both regulatory and technical concerns and advocate well for them. In addition, Halpenny had a few words to express about Muir. Halpenny said Chris had closely worked with Ross in the past specifically in regulatory engagements as well as planning for latest industry display, the Australasian Gaming Expo. Well, the board seems happy and looking forward to work with Chris to continue understanding and representing the members interests with all their other industry stakeholders.

Last Update: 2019.09.17