Payment features of poli casinos in Australia

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The era of technology has brought many changes in the daily lives of citizens. The banking sector is not far behind from the general trends of improvement. With the help of online payment systems it has become easy to make payments on utilities, buy books, pay for loans to purchase real estate, etc.

Payment systems

Payment system is a set of rules, procedures and technical infrastructure. Such systems are a key part of modern monetary systems. They are a substitute for calculations of cash in the implementation of domestic and international settlements and are one of the basic services provided by banks and other specialized financial institutions. Electronic payment system is a system of settlements between financial institutions, business organizations and Internet users for buying and selling goods and various services via the Internet. They’re electronic versions of traditional payment systems and the existing schemes of money transfers are divided into:

  • Debit (working with digital cash);
  • Credit (operating with the credit cards).

Online credit card casino systems are similar to conventional ones working with credit and debit cards. The difference consists in carrying out all transactions via the Internet. In addition, we must distinguish the virtual debit cards issued by some banks and the real credit and debit cards. Virtual Prepaid debit cards are a complete analogue of the usual MasterCard, Visa or similar card, which is accepted online. The difference is that the card is printed in the plastic. The owner reported all payment details for such cards and, from the point of view of an observer, the transferr is carried out with a conventional credit card. This card is easier to buy, because the issue of such a card is carried out without checking the identity of the owner. On the other hand, these cards usually do not provide the possibility of account refill.

Payment systems are a substitute for cash ones. In order to refill betting account or to receive winnings players have different preferences of payment methods, while playing in one of the best online casinos. Mostly traditional and popular method of gaming account is a credit card transfer. Also, it is dominating in most European markets, despite the growing popularity of alternative methods of deposit and payments through the Internet wallet. Due to security and use of encryption software by online casino, players can safely replenish deposit and withdraw money.

Professional betting games often require input-output of money which are moving between bookmakers, as well as within the actual bank account. For this purpose, there have been established electronic ways to submit the money, which in most cases are more fully take into account the interests of professional player. It is recognized as the best payment arrangement for all the participants. They are so comfortable that they can completely eliminate the usage of the real bank accounts. That, however, does not mean that it is not necessary to have one – the work involves the use of various online payment methods. Another nice addition is the bonus program that allows you to receive significant prizes or cash back with financial transactions, thereby increasing the margins of the professional game in the rates.

If you decide to seriously deal with online poker or any other online game, firstly you have to place your first deposit (and later possibly withdraw some of the money). One of the payment systems which is supported by online casino is POLi.

POLi – payment system

POLi (formerly known as Centrecom) is based in Melbourne, Australia. It allows consumers to pay for services directly to the site without using credit card. A key advantage is that the seller gets immediate receipt that allows him to immediately provide service to the customer.

Poli payments are used in Australia and New Zealand’s by largest traders, such as Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Sportsbet and Sportingbet. The system has been proposed as a mechanism to replenish Qantas and prepaid debit cards. Interesting fact, that in order to use POLi, registration is not required.

The payment system POLi – it’s fast, secure and reliable solution for making payments, which allows direct bank transfers from the Australian or New Zealand bank, to the system which supports the use POLi. POLi is commonly used among freelance workers and gamblers. It is a convenient way to transfer money from one place to another.

System POLi is available to all residents of Australia or New Zealand, who chose as a preferred currency Australian or New Zealand dollar.


Poli transfers your money from your bank account without a credit card. It operates instantly and without problems. There are some pluses of Poli:

  • Reliable
  • Easy and convenient
  • Without registering
  • Free of charge

How to use free poli casino payments:

  • Go to the “bank” in the casino lobby
  • Select the method of deposit “POLi”
  • Follow the downloaded instructions
  • Select your Internet provider and login
  • Select the desired account and confirm the payment details
  • Transfer is completed and the check is drawn

Visit Poli website to learn more

To sum up, in recent years, electronic payment systems took over the world, which is associated with the active evolution of money, and the way people decide to pay for things. By the way, payments systems are functional and very convenient. They provide users with different opportunities and choices. Setups like that are convenient, provide anonymity, give you cost control and high security. For example, everyone knows that online casinos a very popular all around the world, especially in Australia. And POLi is one of the methods used by gamblers in this country. It is great and safe option.

Last Update: 2019.09.17