Online betting sites using Cocos Islands web addresses

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A special consortium has been formed to investigate a possible breach by web addresses operated by 10 top online casinos. This has led to several operators and domain name hosting platforms in Australia to clean up their traces. And, cyber experts are at the pinnacle of going through records one by one. For possible breach of laws laid down for legal operation of online betting websites, this consortium shall present its report as soon as possible.

There are several outbreaks in the media that several unaccounted offshore sites that are not owned and operated by Australians are using web addresses of the same. The media has led to the first of the headlines after which a series of allegations and pointing fingers has started. As per the reports circulating around, the ABC is aware of several of such offshore betting websites that are using web addresses or IPs of Coco Islands, which is an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean. When one such claim has been revealed and is obviously correct, there are concerns of how many such businesses are in operation? And, whether they are abiding by the laws?

In the event of more such websites and more territories and states found in providing refuge to these sites, there is a serious legal threat. The regular visitors of these sites include Australians who are unaware of their actual origin. As per records most of them indulge in casino slots and live sports betting. These also include the likes of Big V basketball, Capital Territory soccer and Super Netball.  Further, several of these sites also offer the users to use Bitcoins, apart from other facilities. There is surely a concern about competition from native operators. But, the matter of privacy and security is a serious threat.

Legally, these do not fall within the territory of the Australian government because of their offshore origins. So, there is a debate on how legal or illegal are these online betting sites? According to initial search, their actual locations can be traced to places like Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and many other scattered places. So, amidst the claims and media outbreaks, serious allegations can build up in near future. And, the security of the users is also in question.

According to preliminary queries made by the ABC to the ACMA, things are not that good. The ACMA, for those who are not aware, is the sole committee called Australian Communications and Media Authority that manages in and out of similar businesses. So, when contacted by ABC, they said that they are still trying to determine if these businesses are in breach of the IGA or the interactive Gambling Act.

As known to us, the IGA prohibits the online betting sites to offer live sports betting and casino-style games. But, the details are still unclear.

Gambling site shut down for using Christmas Island address

The Cocos Islands is the Australian territory used by best online casino operators and bookmakers. In addition to this, there is yet another territory known as JustBet which is basically a Bitcoin gambling site. The site has its registration linked to Christmas Island Domain Authority. However, it is based out of Central America and there were news that some investigations were done by ACMA in the beginning of this year.  After conducting inquiries by ACMA, the site was made to reopen but this time into a Colombian URL. The site does not accept bets from customers from Australia. As per Dr Livingstone, it may be for the first time that inquiries of ACMA have got into unauthorized betting site where in its operations is being changed.

Last Update: 2020.08.25