How to Win In Pokies at Online Casino 61

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You know that there are such online games as online pokies PayPal ?How hard could it be when you only need to deposit the required amount and start spinning the reels, eh? You can never be more mistaken! Like every other casino game in the market, it takes a bit of strategic planning to acquire a steady stream of profits from online pokies. Admittedly, most of it is luck, but if you don’t plan your deposits well enough, you might just find yourself on a losing streak.

So, how could you go about winning in online pokies more often than not, thus raising your balance in Paypal? Is there some long-forgotten trick to do that? Can you somehow hack the virtual machine? Read on to know more!

Chill Out, Relax

It is normal for a player, amateur or experienced, to feel the jitters before pulling down the handle. These very jitters may result in you feeding the machine more coins than winning. You need to keep your cool, relax a bit before starting with the game. Don’t simply dive into it without a strategy in place. But how could you develop a plan for a game as simple as the pokies?

Strategic Planning

While the game itself does not require any strategy, your betting habit does. You need to manage your bankroll efficiently. Set a betting limit and stick to it, regardless of whether or not you win. Let us suppose that your betting limit is $100. You have won more than half the spins and amassed a considerable profit. You are even on a winning streak but have just reached your betting limit. Tempted to bet more? Don’t! Winning streaks are bound to end at some point. Why not end it on your own terms and withdraw your online pokies profits through Paypal?

Are There Any Hacks That You Could Use?

Don’t even think of going down that road if you don’t want to end up in prison. Hacking, unless ethical, is a serious offense, and hacking a pokies game is no exception. But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t tweak the profits in your favor! If you are able to manage your bankroll well enough, you will definitely be on your way to overcoming the house advantage and making a lot of money.

Choosing the Perfect Pokie for Your Purposes

Online Casino 61 offers several different types of pokies. Online pokies are primarily divided into progressive and non-progressive. The progressive jackpots call for a higher budget than the non-progressive ones. If you are a casual player, you would be better off with multipliers or bonus pokies. It is easier to hit the jackpot with bonus online pokies, allowing you to withdraw your winnings faster through Paypal. Feel free to browse through the numerous pokies available in the market at Online Casino 61.


Thus, all you need to do is relax a bit, choose the right online pokie, pen down a proper betting strategy, stick to it, win more often than not, and Neosurf your winnings through Paypal once you reach the limit. Bankroll management is critical to devising a good betting strategy, and you can’t hope to make a profit unless you stick to the plan. We understand that gambling is a tricky business for a gambler, but we are here to help you out. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and enjoy the experience!

Last Update: 2019.11.25