Good News: Crown Casino’s License Has Been Renewed Despite Issues With Problem Gamblers

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According to the gaming regulations of Victoria, the Crown Casino must be more responsible for its efforts on gambling and must comply with the rules and community better. According to the detailed review, it mentioned that the Crown Casino have been measured with failures in risk management and governance, which has, in turn, diverted them from compliances to the community.

The Crown Casino in the report was also demurred for its lack of innovation and fresh strategy and as a result of it; the gambling service it provided was turning less responsible. The VCGLR stated that the Casino must meet the expectations of the community and regulations, especially since it is a high – profile one. But nevertheless, the report stated that the casino was still fit for continuing with the license. But the casino had to face record fines according to the report for not following and complying with the laws related to gambling. Although Crown denied most of the allegations, it did mention that the formulation of in-house strategies had to be strengthened.

Gambling seen in minors

The review considered a 5 year period and it fined the best online casino site with an excess of around $560,000 for having done eight breaches to the gaming laws, and this also included allowing minors to take part in gambling. Note that in December 2017 too, the Crown was heavily fined with preaching invasively to people’s data that is, recording their identities and noting down how much they gained and lost. In January 2013, after the committee saw two minors were gambling, the casino was fined quite heavily. Also in 2017, there were around 60 children who were found left unattended inside the complex of the casino. Also, according to some investigation and reports by the police, weapons had been found in the hotel rooms of the casino.

One of the recommendations

The casino accepted the list of recommendations presented by the committee of review. Although Crown considers itself as a leader of the world in gambling, the report stated otherwise and as a result, provided recommendations in terms of innovation to ensure responsible gambling. To avoid the existence of problem gamblers within the complex of the casino, the report states that facial recognition technology may be used to keep track of who entered and excited when. The Crown seemed to be positive through their comments to the media about moving this forward.

Action on problem gamblers promised

The chairman of Crown, John Alexander has told that the casino had implemented many new innovations during the period of the review and he has committed to ensuring major improvements to follow in the future. As per John, Crown does understand the significance of gaming measures and doing all it takes for its refinement as far as it can.

Andrew Wilkie is an independent MP had accused the staff members at Crown for helping people access the continuous mode on the machines, but the review denied this since it was out of their scope.

Tim Costello lashed at the Victorian Government for being lenient with the issues raised in the report and he suggested that the actions must have been strict. Costello said Crown was pinpointed for its performance in several areas but the VCGLR was keener on reviews than actions. He stated that with the degree of flaws found in the governance and compliance of Crown Casinos, the review must have resulted in changes in the license rights or specific actions than just putting forward recommendations and renewing the license.

Last Update: 2020.08.25