Cool Cat Casino Bonus Codes Explained

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Did you think bonus codes were a thing of the past? Were all the mighty good bonuses available only around ten years ago? All we can say is that you haven’t come across Cool Cat Casino bonus codes yet. Oh yes, Cool Cat Casino bonus codes will give all the benefits that will help you boost your bankroll in no time! After going through the promotions at Online Casino 61, you are bound to feel like you are back in the early 2000s when the bonus codes were not only unimaginably rewarding but also insanely fun to use.

But then again, are you a novice in the world of online gambling? Are you a veteran who hasn’t used any bonus codes for reasons known only to you? Don’t you worry one bit! We are here to help you through the entire procedure of using Cool Cat Casino bonus codes like a pro! Let us try to understand what bonus codes are in the first place.

What are Bonus Codes?

Have you ever encountered a pedestrian giving away discount coupons for a newly opened restaurant in the city? Why do you think the restaurant owner is giving the discount? For promotional purposes, of course! The owner wants to spread the word far and wide, and what better way to do that than offering a discount? Similar is the case with bonus codes.

Newly launched online casinos offer discounts in a ruse to attract potential punters. These very discounts are referred to as bonus codes. Thus, bonus codes are merely a marketing strategy that benefits the gambler, who in turn would refer others to the portal, helping the online casino as a whole. A few other established casinos, like the Cool Cat Casino, offers bonus codes only for the benefit of the customers.

The Different Types of Bonus Codes

Unlike the promotional campaigns put into play by real-world businessmen, bonus codes online are of several different types. The most commonly found one is the ‘Welcome Bonus.’ As the name suggests, it offers a certain percentage of the deposit for free if you register at the Upaycard casino using that bonus code. Similarly, there is the ‘Reload Bonus,’ the ‘Freeroll Bonus,’ the ‘No Deposit Bonus,’ and so on.

How to Acquire and Use Bonus Codes?

It is pretty easy to get bonus codes for Cool Cat Casino since they don’t exactly hide it. You can check out Online Casino 61 for the many bonus codes available for several different online casinos in the market.

Whenever you register yourself over a casino platform, you will find an option to type-in a bonus code. Just enter the code and register, and you will get the bonus about that code. Also, each time that you deposit an amount into your bankroll, you will find a similar optional box for typing in a bonus code.

For instance, at Cool Cat Casino, you will find a small box wherein you could enter the ‘Welcome Bonus Code’ which you can see over Online Casino 61. After you enter the code and register, you will get the already existing bonus on your first deposit along with the gift of the system that you came.

That’s it! Entering bonus codes is as comfortable as pie, and if you are still finding the process difficult and time-consuming, remember that you can save quite a few bucks in the half-a-minute that it takes you to find and type in the code.

Last Update: 2019.11.25