Australia’s Biggest VIP Gambling Operator Is Now The Star

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As per the survey on fiscal year results, The Star Entertainment Group was found to be the biggest VIP gambling spot. Among several casinos that operate across the country, there was a dip in VIP gambling and yet the overall results were really promising for the brand. Not that it made to the top position, but it was able to do so maintaining its previous record.

The flagship property of Star in Sydney has claimed AU$52.5b of the VIP turnover. The statutory revenue of the property increased 3 percent to AU$1.74b. However the earnings dropped from 28.7 percent to AU$410m. This was because of the high operating expenses and VIP win cost slipping close to half the point to 1.07%. As far as the domestic visitation is concerned, it was increased to 11.4 percent and revenue related to non-games increased to 15 percent.

The operations of Queensland showed revenue hiked to 13 percent to AU$843m and earnings remained at AU$199m. The Gold Coast property was redone and opened with an extended gaming floor in fiscal Q3 and the all-suite property named The Darling.

In the last year’s report ending on June 30, the entertainment brand, The Star witnessed an annual rise of 6% in their overall revenue. This is a year-on-year increase in the revenue for the company. It means that its casinos are doing great business and are a sure shot attraction by VIP gambling customers. They earn to make most of the money from the VIP and VVIP is a trend that many try to take advantage of. Several casinos are surveyed annually to find the biggest money churning machines.

To tell you the exact figures, this 6% rise amounts to 2.6 billion AUD, while they’re earning actually went downhill by 19% to 484 million AUD, and the net profit after filing for NPAT tax amounts to 148 million AUD.

There is more to this figure, though. If you have some knowledge of the ways these are calculated, there is something called “normalized results”. So, what does that do? This calculates the net everything that we saw above by comparing the relative with others. That is called normalizing the figures. So, it is basically a filter which the gambling firms believe to be a better metric and offers a more accurate estimate of what actually happens. So, taking these things into the equation, The Star’s revenue was up by 15%, earnings were up by 14% and the overall profit after NPAT tax was improved by 20%. This is a sign that, comparatively, the casino and gambling attraction has managed to do well in the last year, and that made it the biggest spot for VIP gambling.

Australian casinos, pubs, and clubs which offer these attractions are in a race to the top position. Because, the more they make, the more they can attract new and rich customers. There is stuff like sports, betting on them and more. Though there are regulations for not allowing them to online websites, the offline facilities have a lot of relaxation.

A competing venue is also the VIP. That is a prime attraction which also managed to improve their annual turnover by more than 54%.  It rose to 61 billion AUD while the statutory revenue rose by 11%. The Star was able to beat The Crown by claiming the biggest VIP business this year. And, that refers to Australia/New Zealand combined.

According to the reports and responses to the media, this was the result of pure “sales-driven diversification strategy” according to the company. It quickly resorted to the best management practices and credited them for their benefits.

Last Update: 2019.04.17