About pokies in Australia

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All gambling machines in Australia, usually referred to as either “online poker”, or “automatic poker” or simply “Pokies”, but their official title is Gaming Machines. Strangely enough, however, the slot machines in Australia though happen to be referred to as an “online poker”, but in real life they will not even look like a real poker, as people know it. First settlers were the ones to import gambling to Australia, and ever since has firmly established itself as the best attraction for Australians.

Australian pokies are very popular and one of the best one in the world, there some interesting official statistics. In the mid-20th century, Australia has witnessed a change in the law which led to a extremely quick increase in the number of access points to pokies in different states. This became especially noticeable in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Revenue from pokies in bars and clubs accounted for more than half of the total income from gambling of $ 4 billion, the resulting state authorities in 2002 – 2003. At the end of 20th century, the Australian Productivity Commission stated that in Australia, employs about 180,000 slots, more than 50 percent of which are located in New South Wales. This corresponds to 21% of the slot machine of the total worldwide!

By the way, you can also play Australian online pokies. It is an easy way to stay at home and have fun with free pokies. You will just need a computer. Australian pokies online are offered by a lot of casinos, and thus, it is up to the gambler to simply choose the one that he prefers. Online pokies allow players to spend less money, do not leave your home and win!

How many pokies are there in Australian casinos?

Another fact that may surprise you greatly: in Australia there are 5 times more slots than in the United States. In New South Wales the income from gaming machines increased from 425.2-million US dollars in 1978 to 238 billion in 1998. After the rapid spread of slot machines religious and social organizations stated their negative role in the growth of gambling problem.

The main difference between «aussie slots» (Australian slots) from the classic ones that Australian slot machine screens used to simulate real drums, which are commonly used. These slots have an extra bonus system and special functions of the second screen such as free bonus games and display of additional winnings.

They also allow to compose the multiple lines (50) or several pathsat the same time. Due to this peculiar level of complexity, players are provided with an immense number of opportunities to win. But what is more insterestin- such slots machines are interesting and exciting in terms of players. It was the main factor, which popularized Australian emulators worldwide.

History of pokies in Australia

Australian pokies are located in the casino and in bars, clubs. There are disagreements that such accessibility one-armed bandits may exacerbate the problem of gambling addiction, but this question remains open. The first Australian state to legalize this kind of gambling was the New South Wales in 1956, when the video poker have received legal status in all registered clubs in the state. The clubs were able to significantly increase its assets, the number of members and facilities. The government of New South Wales received a weighty income from taxation of gaming machines. Despite the prosperity of the clubs of New South Wales and the popularity of fruit machines, concern for the social background of the wide spread of games and allegations of corruption and indecent behavior constrained governments of other states from legalizing gaming slot machines.

Since the 1980s, playing pokies (casinos, hotels, and clubs) superseded bets and lottery / lotto in the first position among the most popular among Aussies types of gambling. New and fast computerized games, jackpots and other related innovations help to keep consumer’S interest.

By the 1990s, with the help of computerization has also improved the reliability of machines themselves and their checking procedures. This technological development, as well as financial strength and softening attitude to gambling in a society convinced all states except Western Australia, to legalize slot machines in clubs and hotels. Leaking profits from gambling across state lines has also become a decisive factor in the legalization of slots in Queensland and Victoria. In Western Australia, there in 1996 for clubs and hotels have been legalized non-cash lottery terminals.

Each state was represented by its own ways of regulation and administration of games on slots, as well as policy solutions to social problems associated with this type of gambling. For example, the number of machines and their distribution between the clubs and hotels is very different from state to state. In the 1990s, studies have shown that playing the slot machines are often considered the cause of gambling. In Victoria and South Australia the social consequences caused a wave of organized public protests against government policies and the rapid increase in the number of slot machines.


Gambling is legal in Australia and thus, it’s no wonder really that Australians are the ones who have the title of the biggest gamblers in the world. According to the latest research, the residents of Green Continent spend on gambling up to 1300 dollars per capita per year, more than in any other country. The highest concentration of slots in the terms of each resident is in Australia. In total, the country has 18 casinos and about 21 thousand slots (108 pieces on an Australian) and the whole industry brings $ 20 billion in profits, with a population of about 20 million.

According to statistics, about a quarter of the poker machines in the world are in Australia, more than 50% of them – in New South Wales. According to the concentration of slot machines this state is second after Nevada in the United States. More than half of all government revenue from gambling comes into the coffers through taxation poker slots. Research of the company H2 Gambling Capital give confirmation of this information.

Gambling is a stable source of government revenue. The dependence of state governments from taxes on gambling, as well as the competition between them for their share of the gambling market played a role in the widespread development and expansion of the gambling industry. By the way, nowadays, there is more talk about the adverse effects of gambling entertainment in modern Australian society and the ways of solving the social problems caused by gambling.

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