4 Simple Tips to Win At Roulette in Online Casino 61

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Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games out there, dating as far back as the 18th century. Online roulette in Australia came into the picture soon after internet casinos were launched – sometime in the ‘90s. It rapidly gained popularity among the masses due to its simplicity, along with the opportunity of winning massive amounts of money in a single sitting.

Betting Techniques

As you might know, you merely need to bet on a number, or a series of numbers or colors, and wait for the ball to halt on the desired result on the spinning wheel. If it lands on your chosen number, you win! The rules of online roulette in Australia are the same, and with the trusted Microgaming platform at Online Casino 61, you never have to worry about the randomness of the spin.

At the end of the day, you only would be lacking in the strategies required to win more often, if not consistently, at online roulette in Australia. We are here to help you out! Check out the four roulette playing strategies and tips below to increase your bankroll at a quicker rate.

Go With F2P before Spending Real Money

Every online roulette casino in Australia has its range of virtual interfaces and systems. You don’t want to find yourself struggling with the system of play in a real money roulette game now, do you? The best way to get used to any platform is by playing a free-to-play game. Indulge in an F2P a few times before going for the real money bets. Online Casino 61 has it all!

European Roulette Is Better Than American Roulette

As an Australian, you will almost always be faced with two choices of tables in a roulette game – European and American. The primary issue with American roulette is that they have an extra slot labelled ‘00’, which provides a slight advantage to the house. On the other hand, European roulette only has the one ‘0’ in the ring, which raises the odds in your favour. Thus, you will stand a higher chance of winning, and then be it online roulette in Australia or a brick-and-mortar one.

The Profit Withdrawal Procedure

In online roulette in Australia, there is generally a withdrawal limit in place so you can’t really withdraw your negligible profits right away, but you need to keep a tab on the amount of money you win/lose every game. For instance, if you bet $50 in a game and win $50, then note down the profit of $50. Don’t give in to your urge to bet $100 the next game. Keep betting $50 or its dividends till you finally run out of it. That way, you will at least have your original investment amount in your bankroll. This strategy is called ‘minimizing your losses,’ and you should try to do that as much as you can.

Use Martingale Strategy to the Best of Your Ability

For those of you who don’t know what the Martingale strategy is all about, it is a technique through which you can win back any number of the losing amount. It works best for online roulette in Australia at even/odd or black/red bets. All you need to do is wager the minimum amount at the roulette table on, say, an even number. If you bet $7 on even and the ball lands on an odd number, then double the amount on your next bet for the even number itself. Keep doubling it up till you win. You are bound to recover every investment you made in the previous games on the win.

Remember, this strategy is only applicable to those who have a considerable bankroll in their online roulette account in Australia. You should have the ability to invest at least five times the amount of the minimum. On rare occasions, it won’t be possible to recover the original investment even after 10 tries. So be ready for that!

Last Update: 2019.09.17