3 Popular Pokie Myths at Online Casino 61 Busted

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When it comes to gambling, you can’t help but come across quite a few myths and superstitions that regular punters hold dear. Individual fears are more common and of a ridiculous variety. Some may believe that if they sit in a particular position while playing pokies real money, then they are bound to hit the jackpot. Others have this preposterous notion that their bets would render more fruit if they gamble during a particular hour. Ah well, to each his own.

The Community of Myth busters

Did you know that there are several commonly held myths as well? How many times have you encountered a fellow punter wait at a slot machine till a set number of players have spun the reels? You might even have thought of jumping on the bandwagon after going through a few good losses at real money pokies. Don’t just blindly follow a custom. Read on to separate the myth from the fact.

All Pokies are Rigged to Follow a System

We can’t be sure about the shady gambling dens that you encounter on the highway, but all standard and reputed real money pokies don’t follow a set of rules. They are equipped with the random number generator which does just that – randomly pick the position of the slot. Thus, you can’t hope to try to beat the system, because there is no system in place. Similar is the case with online pokies. Reputed software like Microgaming and Playtech also have the random number generator in place.

A Machine is Either Hot or Cold

You might have heard a few gamblers discuss amongst themselves about a particular pokie machine being hot or cold. Don’t understand what that means? What are we here for! A ‘cold’ machine is one that has just dispensed a jackpot, whereas a ‘hot’ one hasn’t given out a win in a long time. Many punters think that a hot machine has a higher chance to shell out a jackpot than a cold one. They can never be more mistaken!The random number generator mechanism doesn’t allow the machine to think for itself. Thus, the device doesn’t know if it has hit the jackpot or not, going on randomly displaying the results. There are several instances wherein a pokie machine is known to have furnished a couple or three jackpots in a row!

Switch a Machine ‘Off’ and ‘On’ before Betting

This is probably the most famous myth out there. It stems from the belief that real money pokies reset the odds of winning after they have been switched off. But did you know that all pokies are programmed to give the house a significant advantage? The house edge in Australian pokies could range from 7% to a whopping 13%! And that advantage or the random number generator isn’t at all affected if you restart the machine. You probably might have reset the house edge in the first place!

To Sum It Up

A few other myths and superstitions are doing the rounds of Australian casinos, online or offline, but the ones above are the most popular. So, the next time that you feel like giving in to the whims of a regular but misguided punter ask him/her to go through this article. You might just have saved their time! That’s it from our end. Happy gambling!

Last Update: 2019.04.16