Best live dealers for casino games in Australia

If you’re one of the players who like to gamble at online casinos in Australia with live dealers, you’ve come to the right place. Some people just prefer to see a human face. This is understandable and there are sites to facilitate this.

Some people also find that gambling at a live dealer casino enables them to trust what is going on in the game more. They don’t like playing against intelligent computer programs. They feel there may be a “fix” in the program.

This understandable to have such doubts and that is why there are a large number of casinos online which seek to serve those who prefer a live scenario. We have listed the best real-time casino sites here. These are the best online casino sites in Australia.

The Top Live Dealer Sites in Australia

These are listed in no particular order and are all popular and trustworthy sites which have sterling reputations with Australian players. You can play your favourite games at them. You can also trust them.

Most sites which facilitate video or real-time games have a camera on the dealer so you can see their face and see what they are doing at all times. You can also see the table and cards. These are quality cameras with real-time video streams.

Royal Vegas – This is one of Australia’s best-rated internet casinos and they offer various games with live casino dealers you can see through a camera. Check out their special offers and welcome bonuses. It’s a top rated site fora good reason!

Ruby Fortune – This is yet another favourite and top rated Australian online game site offering all your best-loved games and fantastic welcome bonuses wit live blackjack dealer and much more. You can see the dealer and games in real-time. Ruby fortune is where it’s at on the web!

Spin Palace – Again, this is another best-rated site as we only include the very best sites which have been checked out by or experts on our lists. They also offer games in real time. All your favourite games are available.

Casino Mate – Aussies love to gamble on casino mate and that’s why it’s one of the most popular web based casinos in the country. They also offer real-time games. Many great and interesting games are on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do live casino sites work the same way regular casino sites work? Yes they do! All that’s different is you can see the dealer.

How good is the image and am I able to see the card faces and dealers hands? The quality of the video varies but is overall excellent. You’ll be able to keep an eye on things.

Do the major, well-known casino sites offer these types of game? All the sites listed on this site above offer them. There are some major sites on this list.

Can the dealer and other people in the casino see me through my webcam or device? No, they can’t see you through your camera. You can see them but your privacy remains.

Will my internet plan or mobile phone plan charge me for extra data for live games? This is something you’ll have to check. It will depend on your individual data plan.

Are these really more trustworthy than apps, programs and computer based casino games? This is up for debate. Some say yes, some say it’s all the same.

It’s worth bearing in mind that all computer dealer casinos are watched by independent governing bodies and checked regularly. It is against the law for them to fix anything. Some people just prefer video dealer types for other reasons.

What are some of the reasons some people prefer live dealer blackjack and other games to other types? Some enjoy the human element of seeing the dealers face. Others believe it gives them some gambling advantage.

There are really many reasons why someone might prefer these types of game to computer based ones. It depends on the individual. There’s no correct answer and it depends what you prefer.

How often do the casinos change dealers during these types of games? This depends on casino live dealer policy and can vary. Some change every 30 minutes and some every hour.

Does it cost more to play live dealer baccarat and others than it does to play computer generated ones? No, it does not cost any more. The casinos are happy for you to play.

Do I need to download programs to play live dealer roulette on my devices? Usually you can play in real-time on the website. You may download a program too.

Who are the dealers and are they trained as proper gambling industry professionals? All the dealers are real people at real live dealer casinos. They have all been trained and are fully professional.

Can I get live dealer options on my iphone, other ios device or android mobile device? It is indeed possible to do this. Check with each individual site by logging in via the browser.

Can I see other players I am betting against at these games in real-time casinos? Normally the answer is no. You can usually only see the dealer and game.

Are these types of games legal in Australia even though I’m not at an actual casino? Yes they are all legal. These are run by licensed professionals and established casinos.

What are the minimum technological requirements I need to participate in these types of games where I’m see the dealer and play? You just need a reasonable internet connection and a monitor. After that, you just need to log in and play.


So, there are advantages to enjoying live casino options in Australian online casinos. It is up to you to decide which type you like. There is variety to suit all players.

The common types of game which are available through real-time play are all card games like baccarat, poker, blackjack and more. You may also play roulette this way. Some offer pokies through video play too.