Best casino in Australia — Online live roulette

Are you looking for a live roulette online casino in Australia? Then this is the site for you. We have all the best live roulette online listed here.

Roulette is one of the all-time most popular games at casinos across the world. It is enjoyed by many both on and offline. Now you can play live roulette online from home.

When playing roulette online there are two choices. You may play with a computer program. You may also play at live dealer roulette rooms which allow you to see the dealer and spin in real-time.

Thanks to this you can play with peace of mind. You can see the dealer and the wheel. This is just the same as playing at a real venue except it is all streamed through real-time video to transport you from your home to the casino tables.

The Rise in Popularity of Live Online Roulette

Online live roulette has become more and more popular in recent times for a number of reasons. As a result all the best sites offer it. They serve what the customers want.

  • One reason people prefer real time games is the trust factor. They like to see a real dealer. They like to see real play and live games.
  • Another reason people prefer a live roulette casino is because they want the human factor. They want to see the dealers face. They want to deal with real people and not computers.
  • Internet roulette can be more exciting than digital versions. To some it doesn’t make a difference. To others they feel that they are in real casino playing real games and therefore the excitement is much higher as they can see the dealers expressions and other players at tables in the background.
  • Live casino roulette offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand you get the comfort of home. On the other hands you get to feel the buzz and excitement of playing games against real people in a bricks and mortar casino environment.
  • There betting minimums are smaller. In real-world casinos these can be $10-$25 just to spin. At internet casinos you can bet from as little as 10 cents per spin and as your confidence grows you can then work your way up to betting at higher and higher levels.

Where to Play Real Time Roulette On the Internet

There are a number of excellent internet based casinos where you can enjoy real-time roulette games. You can spin and win real cash from home. It’s just the same as being there!

Paddy Power – Play your favourite game at a real table and enjoy the best welcome bonus with this excellent online casino. All dealers are real people and games happen live. This is your chance to win big at online roulette.

Royal Vegas – You may have guessed they’d be on the list! That’s because people love this site for roulette and more. You can play until your heart is content and spin to win big on red, black or green.

Royal Vegas also offer insane welcome bonuses. They’ll match you up to 100%. They also offer up to $1200 free money so you can play with their cash.

Jackport City – Another Aussie favourite makes the list! Jackpot City is one of the best. They offer live dealer roulette and a number of other live dealer games as well as computer simulated games so you can choose which style you prefer.

These guys offer a free $500 welcome bonus. They have a 96% payout rate. They’re one of the best online casinos for a reason so take the time to explore their excellent site.

Spin Palace – Spin Palace makes the list again and again. They offer live dealer games of all kinds. They also offer a massive $1000 AUD welcome bonus and have super-fast payouts.

What You Need to Get Started

You’ll need a few things before you can play. For a start you’ll need a way to load your account. You can usually use a credit or debit card on most sites but if you don’t have one or you don’t like the idea of using them online you can use POLi, Paypal and a variety of other third party payment system on most casino sites.

You’ll also need a stable internet connection. It will need to be reasonably fast. Remember, these are live-streaming games with real dealers and so any interruption or break in your internet signal will interfere with the game and possibly destroy your chances of winning big.

You don’t necessarily need a webcam. You don’t have to show your face during games. However, selecting a computer with a webcam will ensure that the machine is able to handle video streaming which is an essential part of live-dealer games and therefore we recommend picking PC, laptop or device which has one.

Things to Watch Out For

You always want to deal with established and trusted sites. All the sites on this list have been fully vetted. There are some things you always want to watch out for when playing live dealer cards and other real-time dealer games on the internet.

Check the look of the casino in the background. It should be professional and real. If it looks like you are playing against a fella sitting in his mother’s basement it’s probably a good idea to get out while you can and head to one of the more established, professional sites.

Check it is in fact real-time dealing. Some shady sites use pre-recorded videos to trick you. You’ll be able to figure this out quickly by playing a few free casino games and deciding for yourself if it is real-time or you should just stick to the sites we have already checked out and recommend.


It’s no wonder live dealer games are rising in popularity. You get all of the benefits and hardly any negatives. You are able to enjoy live play in a real casino from the comfort of home, take advantage of huge welcome bonuses and matching bonuses as well as winning big and having the money transferred straight to your bank account.

Give it a try and you’ll never look back. Stick to the trusted sites we’ve recommended. Best of luck and happy spinning, we hope you beat the house at its own game!

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