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Play Rock Climber at the online casino

play for a real money
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The Rock Climber Story Line

Both, the true passionate gamblers and the true rock climbers will appreciate this free online slot, full of thrilling adventures. This is a kind of casino games every person in search of hazard will find worthwhile trying. Play it now to find your own way to the top!

For the beginning, regulate…

The bet (within the limits from 1 to 25 credits) with the help of the bet press and the lines (from 1 to 9) by digital buttons, then activate the start press and begin climbing.

The Rock Climber Symbols and the Coefficients

The Flag is the Wild sign, it can do duties for tent, ice-axe or other images to enable the winning set construction. And quite evaluated!

All the details of evaluation are available after the Help press activation.

Every pattern can consist of 3, 4, or 5 items and each one has the value of its own:

  • the snowflake offers up to 5000 times bet increase (for three of them you get 200, for four – 1000);
  • the flag presupposes the coefficients of 100, 500, 2000 for the number from three to five such pictures.
  •  the ten grants 30, 100, 500 (for from 3 to 5 items) indexes of multiplication;
  • the jacket – 20, 50, 200 coefficients;
  • the backpack – 10, 30, 100;
  • the shoes – 5, 10, 50;
  • the hat – 3, 5, 20;
  • the ice-axe – 2, 3 10.

The Risk Procedure

After you come across any prized set, address to the Double button to confirm your participation in the risk round, which doubles the win and gives you the second chance of this kind. To realize this you are to find the card of a higher rank than that of you rival, the misfortune in this activity annuls the win for the round in this casino slot.

The Hanger and Rope Bonus Try

To try this round, the player needs to catch at least three images of Hangers and Ropes. More pictures of this kind raise the sum of you win. The climber will have to choose one out of four ropes to climb to the first corniche. Then he needs to repeat the procedure several times with other ropes and climb his way up to the top to place his flag there. But mind: somewhere in the mountains there is a snowman in a cave. He will gladly throw the hero from the mountain to abyss, finishing the game.

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