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Play Robinzon for free

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The Robinzon Casino Story Line

Everyone has heard of Robinzon on the desert island. This free casino slot is the re-made version of this famous story, and instead of Friday, you’ll meet the beautiful girl, which makes the story much interesting, play now to jazz and benefit!

The Introductive Part – Robinzon

Determine the lines, the credit and the bets, operating the keys on the screen, just hit the Start to enter the performance. Activate the Max Bet to define the maximum bet sum for the lines.

The Multiplication System

The Wild Sign is the Tin Can (it may interchange the symbols represented in the slot, but for 3 portraits of the main heroes)

Two bonus symbols are represented in this free online slot. They are: the ship and the food (open the access to the bonus game).

According to the system of evaluation (for the details address to the Help press) the portraits of Robizon can earn up to 10000 multiplier! Sounds like the jackpot itself! For beautiful girls’ set you may get up to 2000 index; for the islanders up to 1000. Less evaluated images are the hunts (150 at most), the trunks (50 at most), the spyglasses (30 at most), the wooden mark sign images (30 at most), the barrels (20 at most).

The Additional Gambling Performance

Participate in the extra gaming activity (which resides in the choice of the downturned images) after any win of yours and double the win. Having chosen the card with the Robinzon portrait, you are to receive the award, the photo the native with the girl – to be deprived of the gain for this round.

The Bonus Procedures

Having noticed 3 ships on the screen, the player enters the extra gaming round, in which he needs to help the main hero to boat all the stuff from the mentioned ship to the island. The larger the amount of the transported baggage is, the more impressive the win is (but remember: the boat can go to the bottom if you put on too much). That is not all!

Having seen 3 or more images with products, you can start the thief’s career in this free casino slot for in this round the task is to take as many products from the natives, as possible, and even try to still the cigarette from the native’s mouth (to make the win three times as big).

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