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Pirate play online

play for a real money
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The Pirate Plot

Full of adventures, the world of pirates is now opened for the gamers, who are eager to use their gambling skills and knowledge to have exciting leisure and to earn the substantial sum. These pirates will make a profit from the best bonus system and enjoy the marvelous graphics and design of this free online slot.

The Starting Procedure

  • The Line button helps to activate the lines (up to 9).

  • The Bet key chooses the bet rate (within the rate from 1 to 25).

  • The Start key makes the reels turn.

The Pirate Symbols

The Pirate portraits earn up to 2000 multiplication index, depending on their quantity in a set. It is the Wild symbol. This image can play the role of some other sign (the map, the trunk and the barrel are excluded) to form an awarded set.

There is only one symbol, which costs more: the map with treasure-troves indicated on it (up to 5000 multiplication).

The trunk image leads to “the Trunk Round”.

The barrel sign offers to take part in “the Barrel Round”.

Other signs (the spyglasses, the artificial limbs, the pistols, the crossed blades, the bombs images) compose winning patterns, which are evaluated as in the table (hit he Help button to learn more).

The Risk Game

To make your every win twice as big  divine the dice color, you can even prolong this round of the free casino slot, but the mistake can cost all the earned in the risk game money. The Start key helps to exit.

The Trunk Round

The appearance of three or more trunks in any part of the screen awards the gambler with the correspondent to the number of images free tries. In each of them, the task is to open one by one 5 trunks, the player can find there some profit or the bones (signal of the end of the game).

The Barrel Round

The emergence of three or more Barrels with rum (the location on the screen is not taken into consideration) opens it, and here the gamer needs to stop the turning dice, which will be followed by the opened barrel appearance on the screen. If you find some gems in it – you are prized, if it is empty – this activity is over.

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