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Pirate 2 Story

This version of free online slot was created for the express purpose of satisfying the pirate theme lovers. The Igrosoft slot creators have done their best having implemented the new graphics and the new type of a risk round, making this free casino fun still more attractive. Play this online casino slot for your enjoyment and benefit!

The Adjusting Procedure remained the same (pressing the Line key activates the needed lies, the Bet button – sets the bet level and the Start – begins the process).

The Pirates 2 Symbol System

The Wild sign (the Pirate) can let the player profit from up to 2000 times as big bet if it composes a winning set (the prize depends on the number of units) and performs the duties of other symbols to make a new winning set (the barrel, the trunk, and the map are not included).

The trunk picture opens the Trunk game. The barrel image offers the Barrel game.

The crossed blades, the artificial limbs, the spyglasses, the pistols and the map pictures form prized sets, which are evaluated according to the specific evaluation system (press the Help key to get the details).

The Risk Game

Any win of yours is followed by the risk game offer. Just find the card of higher value than the rival’s and your bet is doubled, prolong this activity to repeat the procedure and to make the initial bet four times as big. The cards of equal value add nothing to your win, but the error deprives of the prized sum.

The Trunk Game

The player will receive the opportunity to profit after three or more trunks occupy positions on the reels. The number of tries is correlated with the number of images. The task is the following: open all the five trunks and find there some benefit (not bones, as they signal of the end of the profitable Trunk Game for you).

The Barrel Game

Just stop the turnings dice after three or more Barrels appear on the reels of this free casino fun (without any regard to the place). Then, find in the emerged barrel some gems to be awarded, the empty barrel determines the end of this round.

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