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Penguin Pays

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Play Penguin Pays Slot Online And Get Maximum Excitement

Ever since the release of the animated film Madagascar, the rise of penguins in online casinos has been remarkable. We see that major developers like Aristocrat have released games based on the very same theme. Penguin Pays was an online play platform that essentially changed how the bird was depicted in slots. If you find the bird adorable then this game is worth a try.

Symbols, Rules and Winning Big:

You guessed it right, Penguin Pays slot has plenty of symbols that are mostly related to the bird and the Arctic region, which also includes the polar bear and frosty icebergs. Like we said if you find it adoring this is something you would want to play. Plus, the rules are exciting because it has 5 wheels that accumulate for around 20 pay lines. This can lead to huge amounts of payouts. The minimum bet on it, however, is for 20, which can be expanded up to 200.

Winning big in Penguin Pays Slot Online is an exciting aspect of the game. Like always Aristocrat relies on free spins a lot and that is engaging for us as gamblers because it ultimately brings in a good deal of money. All you need to do is to spin the wheels and look out for the symbols, which mostly would be an iceberg.

Playing Experience:

The playing experience is stunning as Penguins Pays has a lot to offer in graphics, excitement, and convenience. It is really easy to figure out what really needs to be done to enjoy the wheels. Just sit back and open your laptop to experience amazing visual graphics that are crystal clear. Even the backdrop of Penguin Pays slot is quite amazing and gives a gambler the Arctic vibes. The bonus feature gets turned on when the first wheel lands a coin whereas the last one gives the iceberg. Just wait for it happens and be the luckiest gambler alive for that moment!


We always present something to make the user happy and satisfied with the game. Penguin Pays Slot Online is no different from other high win line games that Aristocrat has developed over the years. It offers huge bonuses, winning bets variations and the ability to score higher than most slotting games. What are you waiting for? Start gambling tonight and do wonders!

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