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Monster Lab play online

play for a real money
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The Monster Lab Plot

The laboratory tests can result not only in the unpredicted property damage, but also in the inconvertible mutations of the object of investigation and the investigator. That is what happened to the professor  –  the character of the Monster Lab. He has become a mutant in the course of his research. Now all he wants is to acquire the human face again and you can observe this thrilling process while playing this casino slot online.

The Obligatory Preliminaries

  •  select the number of the playing lines (1-9);
  • define the desired face value of the coin;
  • regulate the bet volume (1-200 coins);
  • activate the spin to start the playing round;

For each such step, you’ll use the specific button (due to the simplicity of the interface, it doesn’t make any difficulty to learn the function of each of them).

The Monster Lab Icons and Indexes

The special symbols of this free online fun are:

  1. The Wild sign (is identified by the proper title), which plays the role of any lacking image in the winning combo. However, it is not empowered to replace the Scatter pictogram.
  2. The Scatter is the Red Molecule can complete the prized combinations whatever is the position on the lines. The free spinning performance (five, ten, or fifteen spins) is initiated by the three, four or five images of this type.
  3. The Bonus icon is the cute monster. Three such monsters will lead you to the bonus activity. And again, you’ll find yourself in the testing laboratory, where your task will be to push the button in the course of the experiment. Your gain depends on the success of this very experiment.

The standard pictograms of this casino slot are the three-legged green horn nose, the one-eyed sea horse, the one-eyed starfish, the horned monster, the blue fish-frog (the Paytable key informs of the value of each cost).

Play this free casino fun to make the most incredible experiments and gain!


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