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The Germinator Plot

If you are tired of the common casino slots this is the best chance for you to jazz and gain! In this fresh and funny free online casino fun, you are to organize the struggle against the germs. Play it now to earn serious money from microbes!

What are the distinguishable features of the Germinator?

Unlike the rest of slots, this one engages six reels spinning horizontally and twelve defined active lines. The creators of this free online casino slot have implemented cute sound effects and impressive graphic solutions for your enjoyment.

Introductive Part

In this free online slot, you only have to set the bet for all the lines hitting either “Plus” or the “Minus” key (in limits from 1 to 50). Having coped with it, just activate the Play button and you are in!

Symbol and Multiplication System

The process of winning set formation is rather specific: vertical and horizontal patterns, which include 3 or more pieces of the same type are evaluated. When the prized combination representatives disappear from the screen, their seats are immediately taken by those, which were above. This procedure is repeated until the prized sets formation is available.

5 kinds of germs are engaged in this free online fun: the green (multiply by 2), the blue (1 index), the red (0,6 multiplier), the orange (0,2 multiplier factor). To estimate the win offered by each prized set the player has to multiply the index by the number of pieces in the set and the bet for the line.

For the details concerning the indexation hit the More key.

The Additional Gambling Activities

The player can start the additional round when 3 or more capsules with the antibiotic appear near the microbe. This antibiotic vanishes after the germ is dead. The player can kill all the represented microbes of one kind if 3 or more antibiotics emerge on the screen.

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