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What is specific about Microgaming European Blackjack Gold?

Being the best representative of a famed gambling software creator, this version has pride of place among the free online blackjack games these days. It is that famous for its distinguishing,  exact graphic solutions, marvelous image multiplication and  raised gambling speed. That is why it is equally popular among first-timers and old stagers. Due to specific Expert Mode the program support is handily adjusted to each players’ needs. This is the only one Blackjack online version providing this mode.

Aim of Microgaming European Blackjack Gold

Your personal score should draw nearer to 21 points than the Dealer’s, but mind: going  over (busting) is excluded.

Gamer’s Actions

Your first step is staking for the current round, to confirm it touch the Deal button. You’ll receive two cards (both face up), while the Dealer will get two cars as well (but one face up and the other one face down). Look at your cards and choose whether to  proceed with:

  • touching Hit, to get another card or

  • touching Stand, not to change anything and to end your turn or

  • touching Double, to double your bet and be dealt another card or

  • touching Split, in case if you received a pair to double your parlay and split your hand into two, thereby you’ll get extra cards to provide each hand stand-alone play.

Dealer’s Functions

  • Hit on any hard or soft total of equal to or below 16 points.

  • Stand on any total of equal or surpassing 17 points.


The player can win a victory over:

  • getting Blackjack.

  • gaining a personal score nearer to 21 points than the Dealer’s (but not surpassing).

  • gaining a personal score under  21 points when the Dealer’s got too much.

Main Rules

  • Two traditional 52- packs of cards are used in the game.

  • Each dealing is followed by cards shuffling.

  • The win is automated. Though, in case of your and the Dealer’s simultaneous Blackjack performance you push.

Important Details

In this free online blackjack game both your strategy and luck lead to victory. When you need any aid in making essential decisions (splitting, doubling or holding matters) feel free to address the Microgaming European Blackjack Gold strategical chart. Players insurance protection against the Dealer Blackjack is realized in 2:1 pay-offs.

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