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The Elementals Casino Slot Idea

This free online fun affords the ground for the acquaintance with some unusual and incredible creatures, whose body consist of the only one certain element. There are four types of them. Some of them consist of water, others – of fire, the third – of ground, the fourth – of air. Having played this free casino entertainment, you’ll become the alchemist of the XVI century, who is penetrating the secret science of producing gold out of plain metals or working other wonders. Work your magic! You have all the powers to daunt the elements, which will let you win the fantastic jackpot in this casino game. Play, take your chance to realize the fantastic future now!

The Gambling Elementals Coverage

The named casino slot will make your day due to pleasant tunes and splendid graphic solutions. The discussed elements, which are the main heroes of this online game, are accompanied by plums, lemons, oranges, cherries, and watermelons.

The combinations of any pictures of one kind will let you get some profit. Consult the View Payable key to get the details.

The Wild symbol here is represented by the word “Wild”, each single letter of which is colored according to one of four elements. The missing pictograms (but for the Scatter and the Trigger) are easily interchanged by this only image, the double coefficient of multiplication of win is granted by such sets.

The Scatter is the blue lightning. It can form a prized set without any regard to the position on the playing field.

The Trigger is the image of the sun with the letter “E” placed in it. They need to emerge on the first and the fourth reel simultaneously for you to get the access to the bonus game. Thanks to this round you will get the opportunity of the additional portion of spare spinning with a double index of wins.

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