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Play Blackjack Classic Gold online for free

play for a real money
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What is distinctive about Microgaming Classic Blackjack Gold?

It represents a refined free online game variation of the famous casino entertainment. Best graphic solutions, splandid image multiplication and more rapid gaming – these are the changes implemented for your delight.

Purpose of Game

Get nearer to 21 points than the Dealer, but take into consideration: going  over is excluded.

Gamber’s Play

For the beginning choose your bet for the present

round  and confirm it, pressing the Deal key. You’ll receive two upturned cards, the Dealer will be delt one upturned and the other downturned. Judge upon your cards set to make the next step:

  • Hit, to receive another card;
  • Stand, just to end your turn;
  • Straddle, to make your parlay straddle and be delt one more  card;
  • Split, to straddle your parlay and split your hand into two, and thus to be delt additional cards to make both hands gamble independently.

Dealer’s Play

  • Hit on any hard or soft total of equal to or below 16 points.
  • Stand on total equal to 17 points.
  • Stand on any total of equal to or surpassing 18 points.


To succed the gamer is either to:

  • get Blackjack or
  • get nearer to 21 points than the Dealer, but not outreaching 21, or
  • gain under 21 points when the Dealer’s gone beyond this limit.

Main Rules

  • One usual 52-cards pack is engaged.
  • Each dealing is followed by cards shuffling.
  • The win is automated, but when yours and the adversary’s Blackjack coincide you are to push.

Important Details

To succeed in this free online variant of the talked-about  game the player should think strategicallyIn case of uncertinity as for some crucial moments (splitting, straddle or holding questions) address the Microgaming Classic Blackjack Gold

strategical chart. Each gamer is  protected against a Dealer Blackjack  (2:1 pay-outs insurance).

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