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What is special about  Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack Gold?

Based on the habitual online casino blackjack game plus some specific functions being added, it offers a unique opportunity. You are free to resplit up to 3 times! Straddle on your first two cards without any limitations!

Enjoy the charm of traditional look mixed with exact graphic solutions, marvelous image multiplication and up-to-date facilities.

Aim of Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Your personal score should draw nearer to 21 points than the Dealer’s, but excluding going  over (busting).

Gamer’s Performance

To begin just confirm your stake for the current round by pressing the Deal key. You’ll get two upturned  cards, while the Dealer will take one upturned and the other one downturned. Evaluate your position and choose the action to  continue with:

  • hitting, to receive one more card or

  • standing, to make no changes and to end your turn or

  • straddling, to straddle and be dealt another card or

  • splitting, in case if you got a pair or two Ten value cards to straddle and split your hand into two, thereby you’ll receive additional cards to provide each hand separate performance.

Dealer’s Functions

  • Hit on any hard or soft total of equal to or below 16 points.

  • Stand on any total of equal to or surpassing 17 points.

  • Stand on any total of equal to or surpassing 18 points.


The player can gain a victory by:

  • getting Blackjack.

  • making a personal score nearer to 21 points than the Dealer’ (but not surpassing).

  • making a personal score under  21 points when the Dealer’s got too much.

Main Rules

  • Eight traditional 52- packs of cards are invoved.

  • Each dealing is followed by shuffling.

  • The win is automated, but in case of your and the Dealer’s simultaneous Blackjack performance you push.

Important Details

In this free online game only the combination of strategy and luck can win you the palm-tree. If you need any help conserning the most important steps in the game (splitting, straddling or holding matters) address the Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

strategical chart. Gamers are guarded against the Dealer Blackjack by 2:1 pay-offs insurance.

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