Alkemor’s Tower

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Alkemor’s Tower slot is the game you’ve been looking for! If you’ve never played a slot online that you can identify with then worry not! This one will fulfill all your expectations and will always keep you wanting more! Everything there is to acknowledge about it will be provided in the following article.


This is a classic slot game where you’ll have to spin the reels and obtain a specific set of combinations in order to win rewards. It’s all up to the odds being in your favor to win the grand prize, which is an enormous jackpot. Good news is: there are 243 combinations with which you can win, and that makes your winning probabilities increase! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


There are several symbols that you’ll need to keep an eye out for, and they include the following:

• Scales: even when this is the least paying symbol, it still provides you with a prize… and who doesn’t like that? Get five of them and win 125.
• Bag of gems
• Mushrooms
• Scrolls
• Coins
• Rings
• Amethysts: this is the highest paying symbol. Get five of them and win 1,000!

You can start to win money with only three of each… and they’re pretty easy to accomplish! Doesn’t that sound amazing? You should try the game today and see for yourself… it really is awesome.


Every game has its bundle of special features, and Alkemor’s Tower slot isn’t the exception; it comes with lots of bonuses that’ll keep you wanting more. The Elemental symbols (potion icons) trigger the Elemental spell, which rewards you with some amazing prizes. There are also free spins, and it’s important to mention that after a determined amount of them, you’ll be allowed to unlock new worlds of fun.


If you’re interested in being immersed in a whole new world of possibilities, start to engage with this game, and you won’t ever want to stop. Win lots of amazing prizes and try your luck online by playing this game!

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