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You already had a chance to try Aces and Faces Poker game in our Online Casino 61 Australia. That was one of the greatest time that you spend online, but after a certain time you are seeking out something different to dive in. Online casino 61 pay respect to our players and making new useful offers every week.

Now we’re excited to present another video poker variation of this game. Aces & Faces Power Poker is bigger and more challenging. New roomy gambling table with lots of fresh victorious combinations. If you’re not afraid to make strong choices about your bets you might become a winner of a 4000 coins’ jackpot!

Couple of tips

Initially, a player sees on the table five poker cards. Each deal uses 52 good card deck that need to be shuffled before the deal entry. There is not bet riding on the decision hand. Press Coins button to raise the stakes and get more chances to win the key money prize. The first hand of cards is on the table. From the name Aces & Faces Power Poker, it’s obvious that highest winning cards are having faces on them. Don’t be scared stick to them in the deal, press draw to see what other four hands may offer you. The decision hand will be colored out. Other four hands will be dealt next. If you get a very good combo of cards, you have to pick out either you want to Collect or Double your coins. The player can win casinos 4000 coins’ jackpot if he bets on the highest combination of Royal Flush.

Jacks or Aces

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