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We decided to investigate and find out who is the highest net worth entertainer in the casino and gaming industry. Since the industry is so huge, we worked hard! Finally, we came up with the results.

There are many casinos and games companies out there but we’ve narrowed our list down to the richest of them all and we are presenting the results here. These are the highest net worth entertainers online. We’ve also included real world casino entertainers.

Top Entertainers Net Worth

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment Casinos has a huge net worth. It doesn’t only make casinos but software in general. These guys are so big they’re actually listed on the stock exchange and they are currently selling at a share price of $510 a share!

This gives them a net worth of 2.3 billion USD. That’s a massive company by anyone’s estimate. This company has returned its shareholders over 93% this year alone so that should tell you just how big it’s becoming and how huge the online casino and software niche is.

Blizzard Entertainment

When calculating blizzard entertainment net worth you have to consider the fact that it is actually much more famous for its games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft and These are the most popular games in the world. Blizzard prohibits in game casinos.

The company is actually worth 4.6 billion. This puts it among the richest entertainers net worth. With such popular and cult-like games it’s little wonder this company continues to grow and create profit for its shareholders.

Casino Entertainers

Now we move onto entertainers who perform in casinos. Some big stars make their living in this way. Elvis spent the last years of his life doing the Vegas casino circuit and some big names like Celine Dion and others still make the bulk of their earnings in casinos today.

Penn & Teller Net Worth

Comedians and magicians, these two are both. They are he on the casino circuit. Penn & Teller make their living touring casinos and performing magic for astounded audiences and this year they won an award at the Casino Entertainment Awards.

The pair have a net worth of approximately $300 million. This includes all their shows on TV. They have been going for a long time and the Vegas Casino circuit is clearly highly lucrative for this dynamic duo making them two of the wealthiest entertainers in the business!

Cedric the Entertainer Net Worth

Cedirc the entertainer made his name through the rapper Nelly. He is now hot property on the casino circuit. Cedric is a musician and rapper from the deep South and has been featured on a few world-famous tracks as well as doing live shows.

Cedric has a net worth of about $15 million. He is also an actor and game show host. As his name suggests he’s an all-round entertainer and a multi-talented man, and his bank account clearly reflects that fact!

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis is a comedian on the casino circuit. He has a net worth of $50 million. He recently received an award for being a “casino legend” as he first made his appearance on the circuit in the 1950’s.

He may be one of the original casino entertainers! It’s hard to beat that. Who else can say they first made an appearance in an era when most people reading this article weren’t even born?

Celine Dion

Celine Dion worked the Las Vegas casino circuit for years and despite having several best selling tracks and albums she clearly enjoyed the casino entertainment circuit. She has a net worth of a staggering $630 million. Not bad, most would say!

Celine Dion still performs at Ceaser’s in Vegas today. You can check her schedule online and see her. Where else could you combine seeing one of the greatest singers in modern times with playing some of your favourite games like blackjack, poker and baccarat?

There are many more casino entertainers than this. These are just some of the biggest earners. Some of the biggest names in the world actively play the circuit and include Britney Spears among others.


When assessing an entertainers net worth there are many facts which have to be taken into consideration. For companies it’s the past & future earnings. For individuals it’s much simpler.

These entertainers often own intellectual property rights. They get paid every time their music is performed. Big game developers and companies such as the ones listed above can also get paid every single time someone downloads their games and casino programs from any website online.

You can find out more about entertainer and their net worth’s at entertainment inquirer net. They have a lot of news about celebs and entertainers. Check them out when you have time.