Free blackjack in Australia

Blackjack is an old game, as it goes back years, and years. People have been playing it since cards were invented. It’s sometimes called 21 on account of how you win and it’s played by a standard format and set of rules all over the planet.

Australians are huge fans of blackjack. Many Aussies choose to enjoy it online. Whether you prefer live dealer games or the simplicity of dealing with a digital version and playing against a computer there’s no question that you’ll find a website that will suit your preferences, and needs.

So how do you enjoy online blackjack free? Are there really sites which offer blackjack for free? How and where can you play blackjack free of charge for practice and fun or even for real cash payouts?

First Understand the Rules

21 does have a simple set of rules. It’s worth recapping and reviewing them before getting into a real game. Some players who are new to the game will benefit from this and veteran players might skip this part since they’ll already know the rules inside out.

The aim is to score 21 with multiple cards. You get a score by adding the card values. If nobody gets 21 or blackjack as it is called then the person with the highest value which is closest to 21 wins.

You must never go over 21. By default, one loses if the total is more than 21. It’s called going bust and happens when you request to many cards which are called hits.

Face cards have a value of 10. Aces are worth either 1 or 11. Remaining cards are the value of the number written on them, so for example, a 9 of hearts is worth 9.

You have a right to request as many cards as you like. Requesting another card is called a hit. Once you add up your score and get either 21 or as close to 21 as your hands allows you to, you may then decide to ‘stand’ which signals to the dealer that you want to bet with the cards you have.

If you have 21 you’ll never lose. If the dealer also has 21 it is a draw. If nobody has 21 then the highest card count which is closest to 21 wins for example 19 or 20.

In the case of a draw nobody wins. No money or chips will change hands. Everybody takes back their bets and a new round begins with new cards being dealt.

It’s that simple. 21 is an easy game to enjoy. It takes no time to fully comprehend, and if you set your mind on bettering yourself at this game, you’ll begin to develop winning blackjack strategies quickly.

How Do You Play for Free?

There are a few ways to enjoy blackjack for free. We are here to provide some guidance, and explain where you may practice your skillset, before betting money. Options to play blackjack at no cost are rare, and we do recommend to find a way to take advantage of them. Various online casino service offer a range freebies, one must try to make some use of to brighten the game.

  1. The no deposit bonus free play. The money is given to you by the casino itself, hence the name. Their reason for offering such a deal is rooted in their desire to help you enjoy their online casino without any commitment so that you become a regular competitor.

A no deposit bonus is just what it sounds like. You are not required to make a deposit. The casino will place the free cash into your account and that will allow you to practice for free until it runs out.

  1. The matching or welcome bonus. These bonuses may get pretty high. Most big online casinos will offer to match your initial bonus 100% sometimes up to thousands of dollars a pop.

This is more free cash for you. You might win real money with this deposit match. You can’t simply withdraw it or take it out of the account but you may claim and withdraw anything you win by playing with this free casino money.

  1. The simulator or practice game for fun. Many online casinos offer practice play. A casino that offers such an option wants to provide a convenient, and easy-to-exploit platform for those, who still need to improve their game, become more confident in strategies they choose to employ before going out into the world where cash is at stake.

Most websites offer their users some version of the platform. Some limit players on how long they are allowed to gamble. Other sites allow you to practice for as long as you like and they generate their revenue from ads and sponsorship, giving you a great opportunity to practice continuously.

Where May I Take Advantage of these Deals?

We’ll now list the best sites to enjoy blackjack free. We’ve checked them all out and they’re great sites. They all offer big welcome bonuses and a huge variety of games to entertain you for hours.

  • Royal Vegas is one of the best known sites. They’ll match your bonus up to $1200. That’s a lot of free blackjack for you using house money.
  • 7 Sultans is another popular online casino for Australians. You are encouraged enjoy 21 here for free, but only for a while. Take advantage of their welcome deals and bonuses for a chance to win real cash and walk away from the site with money in your pocket.
  • Guts casino is also popular with Aussies. This is a casino no download. You just log straight onto the website and retrieve a welcome bonus that’ll give you a chance to play gratis.

Winning at Blackjack

Blackjack has stood the test of time. There must be a reason mustn’t there? The reason 21 is popular all over the world is because it is one of the few games you can actually use skill and strategy to win.

Understanding how to properly count cards might give you a huge advantage over others. Exploitation of one’s knowledge of charts inevitably leads to getting a grip on odds calculation, and doing so quickly and easily. You can do both these things from home. Remember to focus, and maintain patience.

There are many professional 21 players out there who do freelance work that gives them an awesome chance to travel all over the world playing blackjack from their laptops and mobile devices. If you learn the odds you really can win consistently. This will come with time and experience.

Note that many real casinos ban card counters. It’s not a good idea to get caught doing this. It is still legal but it can lead to lifetime bans from the venue and the reason they dislike it so much is because if you master this skill you are virtually certain to win against them eventually.

Enjoy playing blackjack for free online. Learn your strategies, and remember that patience, and persistence are your best friends. Devote time to mastering the game and only bet big when you have a great hand and the odds are in your favour.