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It hasn’t been 4 months since Swedish gaming solutions provider NetEnt signed an agreement with Golden Nugget and now its first content is already available to New Jersey gamblers on a new Golden Nugget website.

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The general contractor delivered Wynn Resorts some sad news recently – it won’t be able to complete the construction of its casino project for another 3 months. The Wynn Palace Cotai, initially scheduled to open in March, is now expected to receive public in June 2016.

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Biggest fish on the Internet market, among which such giants as Google, Twitter and Facebook, stand up to government attempts to filter offshore gambling websites out of the net.
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We all love gambling for our own reasons: adrenaline levels go up, the heart is racing, hands are shaking and your brain is at its peak. Seems familiar? But lets face it – nothing triggers those feelings better than a real clash in a middle of a poker room.

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What would you say if someone approached you and offered you to pay all your living expenses an beyond – would it be spending thousands on gambling, luxury cars or transcontinental journeys? All you had to do is to live your live as a “guinea pig” – ride Hummer if you are of younger age, or a Rolls Royce if you are more mature, attend weddings in India and spend a fortune in casinos.

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